Lou Dobbs And Sean Hannity Will Be Deposed For Pushing Fake Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

One of the most disgusting conspiracy theories to ever be circulated at Fox News and Fox Business is coming back to haunt the network, as two of their top on-air personalities are facing answering questions under oath for depositions connected to a lawsuit brought in the case of former Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich.

The Daily Beast reports that Dobbs and Hannity will be deposed next month:

“Hannity, along with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and a host of Fox staffers, is set to be deposed in late October over the network’s debunked reporting on Rich, which falsely claimed that he had leaked thousands of Democratic emails to WikiLeaks—a leak, they suggested, that led to his politically-motivated murder.”

The lawsuit was filed by Rich’s parents, Joel and Mary Rich, who accuse Fox of emotional distress and tortious interference.

Oddly, however, counsel for Fox notified the plaintiffs that they were refusing to allow Fox host Laura Ingraham to give a deposition.

The entire Seth Rich matter first came to light in July of 2016, when Rich was killed in Washington, D.C. Less than a year later, in May of 2017, Fox hosts began pushing the suggestion that Rich had been killed by the DNC for leaking emails to WikiLeaks instead of Russia, which was actually the culprit. Ironically enough, the methods used by Fox could have come from disinformation campaigns formulated by the Kremlin, which has been engaging in such counter narratives to cover their own illegal actions for decades. Fox’s bogus claims, however, were later proven to be bullshit by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Hannity was one of the most eager disseminators of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory:

“Hannity became an enthusiastic supporter of those claims, describing (the) story as potentially ‘one of the biggest scandals in American history.’ Even after Fox retracted (reporter Malia) Zimmerman’s story, Hannity refused to back down, declaring on his radio show that ‘I retracted nothing.'”

Now that the network is facing losing in court to Rich’s family, Hannity is probably regretting he ever made such remarks, as they could come back to haunt him if he’s sued individually and winds up having to pay millions of dollars in damages.

Too bad Dobbs and Hannity can’t also be charged criminally for their hateful actions. Both of them have long deserved to get hit with a giant dose of karma.

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