Majority Of Voters Say They’re Ready To Dump Trump In November

There’s an old axiom in American politics that goes like this: When you’ve lost the trust of the voters, you’re finished.

Based on a recent poll, almost two-thirds of the populace has now lost all faith in Donald Trump, and that doesn’t exactly bode well for a man who will be facing the voters later this year.

According to a new NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll, a mere 37 percent of those surveyed say they have a “good amount or a great deal of trust in what they’re hearing from the president.” 60 percent say they have “not very much or no trust at all in what he’s saying.”

Clearly, Trump’s bullshit has caught up with him, and the vast majority of us are now at the point that we don’t believe a word he says. Does that sound like something you’d want to be known for if you’re seeking a second term in office?

Worse still for Trump are the poll numbers regarding his handling of the COVID-19 crisis which has caused the world to grind to a halt, wiping out trillions in stock market earnings and plunging the international economic order into a recession. As Jennifer Rubin notes in The Washington Post:

“The public’s lack of trust is based on Trump’s performance: He has been following, not leading — playing down a risk that others rose to address. Only 46 percent say the federal government is doing enough, a 15-point drop from February. However, ‘Americans have more faith in their local governments … with two-thirds saying their state governments are doing enough.'”

Looking for a ray of hope when it comes to a virus that threatens the safety and security of every American, we’re turning to the leaders who are closer to us at the local and state level, especially those on the front lines such as our emergency management professionals and the brave men and women who staff our hospitals and care for us when we’re at our most vulnerable. We trust them, but we don’t trust Donald Trump. And we don’t trust Trump because we know he’s a liar who is only concerned with how any crisis will impact him and/or his poll numbers.

And the poll numbers are in. They show that Trump is no longer able to lead because he’s perceived as little more than a snake oil salesman pretending to be a national leader.

Based on what this poll tells us, it certainly appears that the end of the Trump presidency arrived shortly after the coronavirus hit our shores. Donald Trump is a miserable failure. The time has arrived to find someone who will actually lead our country.

5 thoughts on “Majority Of Voters Say They’re Ready To Dump Trump In November

  1. How can any intelligent person trust this trump for another term? There is no confidence left for his shabby role play as a President, nor that of his shabby band of self seeking men and women looking for a payload off the taxpayer. How much more do you privileged overloaded without moral principled people expect from the common man? Go Fund yourselves. The world is tired of your deceitful behavior, insider trading, allowing rape as a norm, ignoring the signals of a person devoid of soul…. leadership of that ship of complete fools.

    • they are not intelligent people they are trump cult and they are racist.i heard a trump cult say”she did not care if her family member die or she lose every thing she still would vote for trump”

  2. I was one of his supporters. Stood by through alot but this has me walking away* They are all corrupt so there isn’t any one worth voting for*

  3. Trump is one of the most angry & hateful people to grace America. He doesn’t know how to lead by example so he leads by fear & intimidation, then he wants those people he has threatened to vote for him. Now Trump is threatening retaliation to any state that makes it easier to vote by mail. No big deal. Just a little Federal offense that can land him in prison. Trump wasted precious time doing nothing about the corona virus for two months. Sure, he stopped travel to China but he allowed Americans to come home from China without checking for illness or temperatures so they brought more virus to America. The WHO warned Trump about the deadly corona virus pandemic that was already in the US, and the very next day Trump shipped 17 tons of American PPE to China & immediately cut ties with the WHO. Then he sat for another month before enacting the Defense Production Act to have factories start making masks & other PPE. Trump will forever be known as the Impeached President that has American blood on his hands.

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