Mary Trump Burns The Donald Down By Reminding Him Of His Embarrassing Inadequacy

After Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, did an in-depth, hour-long interview with Rachel Maddow on Thursday evening, the president couldn’t resist responding the next day, asserting that she was a “seldom seen niece” whom he dismissed by calling her “a mess.”

Here’s the three tweets the president sent out regarding the Maddow-Mary Trump interview. And it’s interesting to note that while President Trump frequently says he doesn’t watch MSNBC or CNN because they’re “fake news,” he sure seems to know a lot about what’s on their airwaves:

Pretty typical fare when it comes to attack tweets from Donald Trump. He didn’t actually address what his niece said, just tried to denigrate her and pretend the interview had been a fiasco.

But the ratings suggest that Americans were indeed watching, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Maddow’s sit-down with President Donald Trump’s niece drew a record 5.23 million viewers to the show, leading every show on cable and broadcast in primetime Thursday.

“It marked the second time in less than a month that a regular cable news program topped 5 million viewers (excluding special coverage): Sean Hannity’s June 25 town hall with President Trump drew 5.11 million viewers on Fox News.”

Be sure and note that Maddow’s interview with Mary Trump drew 5.23 million viewers while the president’s Fox News town hall only drew 5.11 million. That has got to be eating the thin-skinned POTUS alive! He’s all about the ratings, and his niece just beat him at his own game.

So when Mary Trump fired back at her uncle, all she had to do was reference the ratings and burn him to the damn ground:

Game, set, and match, Mary Trump! She not only squashed the Donald in the ratings, she also pointed out inadequate he is because he lost to a woman, and that must really stick in his craw.

Well done, Mary! Please feel free to tweet back at the Clown-in-Chief often. We can’t wait to read your postings.

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