Meet The Christian Fundamentalist Group That Forces Children To Give Birth To Rape Babies

There is nothing wrong with a person or group being religious, so long as that religious belief doesn’t infringe on the rights of another person. Far too often, however, that is exactly what happens among those of extreme faith.

Allow me to introduce you to a group called Choices4Life, which operates in the name of Christianity and forces its adherents to give birth to babies who have been conceived as a result of rape. And that same requirement applies to children as young as ten who have been raped.

When I first read about Choices4Life, my initial reaction was shock and outrage? How can anyone believe it is in the best interest of a woman who has been victimized to be compelled to bring the result of that victimization into the world if she doesn’t wish to? Even worse, what kind of anti-choice group would force such torture on a child?

If you go to the Choices4Life website, you’ll see them proudly proclaim that their mission is:

“Restoring Honor & Dignity to Women & Children of Rape Conception.”

Sound innocuous enough, doesn’t it? But if you look further, you soon find that Choices4Life is even involved in assuring that children in Paraguay who have been raped carry and give birth to unwanted babies. These so-called “gifts from God” are heralded on their Facebook page:


What about the health of the child who has to endure pregnancy and delivery? Well, the Choices4Life folks know better than any doctor, and they even brag about it:


Why, I wondered as I read their noxious online claptrap, would they do such things? Why?! Well, because it’s all God’s will, you see. If only the non-believers could comprehend that fact:


I consider myself to be a Christian, and have been a member of the Methodist denomination my entire life. But I cannot understand why anyone who claims to believe in the love and compassion shown by Jesus Christ throughout his life can ever justify the actions of fundamentalist jerks like the morons who run Choices4Life.

They are, in my humble opinion, so far from what is right and good that they have forfeited the privilege of calling themselves followers of the Jesus that I believe in.

h/t Shannon Barber, Addicting Info

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Christian Fundamentalist Group That Forces Children To Give Birth To Rape Babies

  1. I believe this group has no intention of protecting the victims of rape. Instead I believe they enjoy shaming her…as if it were her faults she was raped. Hmmm. Does that thinkiing remind you of another religious group? Muslim girls are shamed when they, too, are raped. Interesting. Two very different religious groups meeting in their extremism.

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