Megyn Kelly: A Lawyer Who Doesn’t Understand Sh*t About The First Amendment

Shortly after the mayhem erupted in Chicago last night because Donald Trump and his ignorant supporters are:

  1. Wimps who pretend to be tough
  2. Only in favor of their own right to free speech
  3. Mentally deficient slogan-chanting goons

Just minutes after the whole canceled Chicago rally took over the cable news channels, Fox News host Megyn Kelly went on the air and spewed out this bit of complete and utter horseshit:

“His First Amendment free speech rights have been shut down. The right of those to listen to him, and as that one gentleman put it so well: ‘I just want to hear him for myself, wanna hear him for myself.’ That was shut down by folks who have an agenda and that’s fine. You can oppose Donald Trump. Go for it.

“But, is this the way? Is this the way to shut down the ability of Chicagoans and those, in some cases, who have traveled for miles and miles and waited for hours and hours to get in, to have their say and hear him for themselves. For all these people know, they weren’t Trump supporters. Maybe they would have walked away saying, ‘You know what? He’s not for me.’ We’ll never know now.”

What Ms. Kelly, who has a law degree, forgets is that the anti-Trump protesters had just as much right to be at that pavilion as the brain-dead jerkweeds who hang on Trump’s every word as if it was written on stone tablets and handed down from God himself.

Donald Trump and his campaign advisors chose to cancel the event. Not because they give two hoots in hell about the crowd getting hurt, but because they were afraid Trump might be injured or killed. Never forget that for the narcissist named Donald James Trump, all that matters is him. There could be murder taking place at one of his rallies, and if it didn’t affect him, he’d probably cheer it on with a smirk.

But the Trump phenomenon saw the beginning of its demise last night in Chicago. And for that we can all be thankful.

As for Megyn Kelly, she’s so clueless that it’s no wonder Fox News hired her.

One thought on “Megyn Kelly: A Lawyer Who Doesn’t Understand Sh*t About The First Amendment

  1. Now we know why she doesn’t practice law: She has no respect for it…. Well, she works for FAUX NEWS, and that kind of says it all………….

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