WTF?! Trump Now Claiming ‘ISIS Attacked My Rally’ (Video)

First we had Donald Trump claiming that the mayhem which occurred on Friday evening in Chicago was the fault of Bernie Sanders, and now we have this same lying sack of human excrement trying to say that the man who rushed the stage in Dayton, Ohio yesterday (which clearly scared the living crap out of Trump–watch the video if you doubt it) is a member of ISIS. Yeah, and unicorns are now square dancing on the White House lawn with dinosaurs.

Trump began his latest lie (how can we even manage to keep track of all the lies this asshat tells?) on social media, his preferred mode of communication:

One tiny problem with that theory, O Tiny Fingered One. As BuzzFeed reported:

“[T]he alleged ISIS video actually appears to have been cobbled together from old footage in an attempt to troll Dimassimo…

“That footage, however, appears to be lifted from a video Dimassimo himself seems to have posted to YouTube. Dimassimo’s video lacks the music and images typical of ISIS productions. The description also states that the protest was done in solidarity with Eric Sheppard, a Valdosta State University student who made headlines in 2015 for standing on an American flag.”

The man with the dead animal on his head even tried to repeat the bald faced like on “Meet the Press” earlier today, but Chuck Todd called him out, letting Trump know he had been exposed yet again.

How did Trump respond? In typical Trumpian fashion: He told another lie to mask the first one, saying:

“What do I know about it? All I know is what’s on the internet.”

So this moron believes everything he sees online? Really? If that’s so, then I have a quote for him from Thomas Jefferson that I happened to read on the internet. Jefferson remarked:

“Donald Trump is a human gonad who should be taken out back and slapped silly until he craps his pants and begs for his mommy.”

Hey, I swear it’s true! It’s gotta be a helluva lot truer than anything Donald Trump says.

Here’s the Donald doing his lying thing on “Meet the Press”


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