Melania Is Refusing To Campaign For Her Husband In The Closing Days Of The 2020 Race

First Lady Melania Trump  gave a halfhearted address to the country from the White House Rose Garden last month as part of the Republican National Convention, and CNN reports she will be a non-factor on the 2020 campaign trail:

“With an election looming, the country in the throes of a pandemic and poll numbers indicating a tight presidential race, now, three months out from Election Day, would usually be considered an all-hands-on-deck time for an administration seeking to retain the White House, especially with a president capable at any moment of veering wildly off-topic.

“But currently, Melania Trump is in Bedminster, New Jersey, where the Trumps have long kept a private home, adjacent to the members-only golf club. She trekked into Manhattan for several days last week, taking meetings and appointments, a source with knowledge of her travel told CNN, but for the most part, Trump has been out of sight. It has been almost three weeks since she’s been seen at a public event.”

Traditionally in an election year, a first lady will be actively engaged in campaigning for her spouse, but Mrs. Trump will reportedly be breaking that mold, and that doesn’t exactly sit well with some campaign advisers, who are said to be “frustrated” by the fact that Mrs. Trump won’t even be accompanying her husband to campaign rallies or other reelection events:

“This time around — an election cycle marred by the coronavirus pandemic which inhibits large crowds anyway — the first lady has no concrete plans to attend events, speak to fundraisers, nor attempt to garner voters in any tangible way, according to a source familiar with the first lady’s travel schedule. Her calendar for the next several weeks is open.”

That could be a problem for the incumbent president as he seeks to convince female voters that his often harsh rhetoric and actions will be tempered by his wife’s stabilizing influence.

Given that Melania reportedly renegotiated her prenuptial agree with the Donald shortly after the 2016 election, her absence on the campaign trail is certain to raise suspicions that she could be preparing to divorce her husband if he loses the election.

Whatever happens, it’s certainly clear that Mrs. Trump doesn’t want to be a player in the 2020 race for the White House.

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