Melania Trump Was A Big Ratings Flop With Her Tuesday Night Convention Speech

Much like her husband, First Lady Melania Trump came up short in the ratings when compared to the Democratic convention, losing the ratings war by almost a million viewers to Dr. Jill Biden, who spoke on her husband’s behalf last week, according to TV Insider:

“For Night 2 of the 2020 Republican National Convention, NBC came out ahead with 2.4 million viewers with ABC coming in second with 1.7 million and CBS in third with 1.3 million. Compared to last Tuesday’s Democratic National Convention coverage, NBC actually rose a notch from 2.3 million but CBS dropped from 2.0 million and ABC dipped a tic from 1.8 million. The RNC continues through Thursday night.”

And now for the head-to-head comparison: Jill Biden’s speech drew 6.1 million viewers, but only 5.4 million tuned in to see Melania laughably tell Americans that they can always count on her husband’s “honesty” because he’s “authentic.”

The president suffered a similar fate when compared to his Democratic rival, too. 15.9 million people watched the first night of the GOP convention on Monday, but that was far off the numbers for last Monday’s Democratic convention, which attracted 18.7 million viewers.

Things probably won’t get any better tonight, either, with the list of speakers for the third evening of the Republican convention including:

  • Mike and Karen Pence, provided “mother” gives him the permission
  • Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), who has about as much charisma as a damp phone book
  • Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who is as shrill of a sycophant as has ever walked the face of the planet
  • South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who gave Donald Trump a statue of Mt. Rushmore that included his visage on it

Wow! Can Americans handle all of that star power and excitement? Probably not, which is why the third night of the GOP convention will probably have the lowest ratings yet, That’s sure to drive the Liar-in-Chief to distraction and rage tweeting.

One thought on “Melania Trump Was A Big Ratings Flop With Her Tuesday Night Convention Speech

  1. Thought she sounded amazing UNTIL !!!she mentioned Children…….. Forgot her message already when she visited the border with her coat that said it all… so quick to worry about the children NOW!!….. Yes where are they Melania? You are so good at telling us all about the amazing visit you took too africa Dressed like you had just stepped out of the past where they ripped open all the Tombs of the Pharos. But where are the children that man had tossed into cages at the border? Where is the true justice for those mothers of African American decent that were dragged away from their country only to be treated like they still are when they peacefully protest. What about the mothers and fathers of the murdered sons and daughters??. Forget about how your husband donald loves women in office. Of Course he does. He loves them fawning all over him. He is a sick man He is not fit for this Potus position. Step down of your podium enough is really enough of this blatant fear mongering while the city and its people are getting destroyed by a virus along with trumpsville. The threat the world faces with Climate Changes and all you trumps can do is continue to wear the USA down into something unrecognizable. ENOUGH REALLY IS ENOUGH

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