Michael Cohen Is About To Turn On Trump – Here’s Why

A week ago, if someone had suggested that Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, might be on the verge of telling everything he knows about his most famous client, most of us would have had a good laugh and moved on to the next topic. After all, this is the same Michael Cohen who once said:

“If somebody does something Mr. Trump doesn’t like, I do everything in my power to resolve it to Mr. Trump’s benefit. If you do something wrong, I’m going to come at you, grab you by the neck, and I’m not going to let you go until I’m finished.”

“Finished” is certainly an apt word to use in connection with Cohen after the FBI raid on his office and two other New York locations Monday. The case is being handled completely apart from the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, so Cohen — and Trump — are facing a severe threat on a new front.

Cohen, we now know, is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York for a whole host of crimes ranging from bank fraud to campaign-finance violations. There are likely other charges, too, and more will probably be added once the FBI and federal prosecutors have a chance to go through the treasure trove of evidence they seized from Cohen.

So here’s the million dollar question again: Will Michael Cohen flip on Trump and cooperate with investigators?

Writing in New York magazine this week, Eric Levitz presented the evidence as to whether or not Cohen will agree to snitch out his boss:

Loyal Cohen Won’t Turn on The Donald

“’I’m the guy who protects the president and the family,” Cohen said last year. ‘I’m the guy who would take a bullet for the president.’ On Tuesday night, veteran New York political strategist Hank Sheinkopf echoed this sentiment, telling the Times, ‘Michael Cohen would lay his life down for Donald Trump. He is the ultimate Trump loyalist.'”

Cohen can hold out for a pardon from Trump, but that would only solve some of his legal problems, as we find in our next segment, which goes like this…

Cohen Is Gonna Sing Like a Freaking Canary

Even the most loyal of men have their breaking point. When Cohen is presented with the reality of serving decades in prison, loyalty will not exactly be the first thing on his mind:

“Sure, Trump could pardon Cohen. But the president has no power to spare Cohen from the consequences of state-level offenses — and in New York, money-laundering is such a crime. This fact, combined with Donald Trump’s inherent untrustworthiness, makes striking a deal with prosecutors Cohen’s surest means of ensuring that he spends the next few years living the life of a multimillionaire, instead of that of a prisoner.”

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d lay heavy odds on Cohen being the best — and most damaging — witness against Donald Trump. Why do you think Trump is so angry and worried right now? Cohen knows all of his darkest secrets, and if those make it into the light of day, Trump is presidential toast.


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