Michael Cohen’s Latest Revelation Proves The End Is Near For Donald Trump

Even though he served as Donald Trump’s personal attorney and trusted adviser for over a decade, Michael Cohen is not about to be sacrificed as the scapegoat who refuses to talk out of some misplaced loyalty to Trump. And now it’s crystal clear that Cohen is ready and willing to destroy Trump with one fell swoop.

In the past, Cohen has proudly bragged he would “take a bullet” for Trump and would never betray his former client, no matter what it cost him. But now he’s singing a much different tune, telling George Stephanopoulos of ABC News:

“My wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and I always will put family and country first.”

That one sentence is the worst news Trump and his current crop of attorneys could have possibly received, because Cohen knows all of the dirt about the president as it relates to his personal life, his business, his investments, and his many secrets.

Not only that, but Cohen is also allegedly wired into the Russian mafia, meaning that Trump likely has connections to that shadowy world, too. And rather than do 30-50 years in federal prison, Cohen is now ready to trade knowledge of his former boss in exchange for leniency on reduced charges. That means that Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has his star cooperating witness, and that puts Trump in legal checkmate.

Here’s just a few of the things Cohen can testify to:

  • The illegal payoffs to Stormy Daniels (among others) to keep Trump’s numerous affairs from being made public and destroying his campaign back in 2016.
  • Trump’s business deals with Russian oligarchs connected to Russian president Vladimir Putin.
  • The possible existence of the long-rumored “golden shower” tape that Trump has tried to deny.
  • Trump’s dealings with Saudi Arabia and Qatar to help him win the presidential election.
  • The fact that Trump is a bought and paid for puppet of rich multinational criminal enterprises, including the Russian mob.

It’s going to be a very unhappy Fourth of July for Donald Trump. And it will likely be his last Independence Day in office.

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