Mike Huckabee Tries To Turn His Colonoscopy Into A Russia Joke And Grosses Out The Internet

There are some days a person cannot help but wonder if the world would be so much better off without Twitter. And this is certainly one of those days.

For some unknown reason, former Arkansas Governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee decided to share way too much information with the world, and it came back to bite him on the…well, right on the ass:

WTF, Mike?! What in the actual hell is that all about? Granted, it’s good you got your colon checked (if indeed it really happened; Mike is known to be a liar, just like his daughter and her boss, Cadet Bone Spurs Trump), but to try and make a Russia joke and then a very bad comment about a dead man is almost as bad as that pathetic excuse of a TV show you used to have on Faux News.

As you would expect, the internet was downright disgusted by Mike’s little “joke,” and they weren’t shy about letting him know it:



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