Minnesota Republican Group Compares Wearing A Mask To Nazis Persecuting Jews

The Republican Party of Wabasha County, Minnesota, is in very hot water after posting a meme on their official Facebook page comparing wearing a protective mask to the yellow Star of David insignia Jews were forced to display on their clothing in Nazi Germany.

KARE11 reports:

“A screenshot from what appears to be the Republican Party of Wabasha County MN Facebook page shows an image of a Nazi officer telling a prisoner to wear a star that was worn in concentration camps. It seems to be a response to the COVID-19 mask mandate in the state of Minnesota.

“The image drew responses from different entities including, Minnesota GOP chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan and Jewish Community Action from St. Paul.”

According to Carnahan, the group’s page was “hacked,” so they deactivated it:

Jewish Community Action also weighed in on the posting from the Wabasha County GOP:

But not everyone was buying the “hack” excuse offered by the Minnesota GOP:

Could it be any clearer that Republicans are now saying the quiet part out loud and even shouting it from the damn rooftops?!

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