MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Gets Testy, Goes Off On Guest During Hillary Debate (Video)

Maybe you’ve noticed lately that Joe Scarborough, the co-host of the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” has been on edge. Even more than usual. Admittedly, I’ve never been able to stand the guy, but these days he just appears to be working on being a bigger douchebag than usual.

Exhibit One of my presentation would be this morning’s show, where Scarborough was talking about the Hillary Clinton campaign with journalist and author Joe Conason. Scarborough was saying that Clinton should release all of her State Department emails immediately, which prompted Conason to quote Winston Churchill:

“It’s what he said about the Hun, which is, ‘They’re either at your feet or at your throat.’”

Keep in mind Churchill made his comments during the First World War, which is incredibly relevant because Scarborough immediately shot back with this:

“So you’re comparing me to Nazis. That’s great. You just used a Winston Churchill quote to compare me to a Nazi because you don’t like the facts.”

Conason calmly retorted:

“There are times when you’ve been friendly to the Clintons, I believe you broadcast from CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) at least one time. … Sometimes you like them, sometimes you don’t like them when it’s convenient for you.”

If you know Scarborough, then you won’t be surprised that he continued to escalate his rhetoric and said:

“Oh no, does that make me a Nazi, Joe? What are you talking about here? I am as transparent as anybody.”

When Conason attempted to provide some context for the quote he used, Scarborough cut him off and remarked:

“No, no, let me finish. You compared me to a Nazi, you brought up a Churchill quote when he was talking about the Nazis.”

At this point Conason leveled Joe Scarborough and proved how shallow and ignorant he had just proven himself to be. Conason reminded the host:

“No, I didn’t compare you to a Nazi. He wasn’t talking about the Nazis, he was talking about World War I. [The Huns] were not Nazis.”

Something tells me it’s time for Joe Scarborough to switch to decaf, and also for MSNBC to take this loose cannon off the air immediately.

Watch Joe Scarborough Make A Complete Fool Of Himself

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5 thoughts on “MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Gets Testy, Goes Off On Guest During Hillary Debate (Video)

  1. Joes is an asshole! How is it an female intern dies in his office, all alone, and he is not involved? After Imus left, the network went to hell!

    • Fire Joe…he is a chauvanist!! A TV commentator should not take sides like he does, he is not fair and should be replaced. He is absolutely BORING as well. Always has been

  2. Joe is also ignorant about what Churchill was talking about, he was talking about all of Germany using a term that was used BEFORE there was a Nazi Party.

  3. I cannot believe MSNBC is thinking about expanding Morning Joe to FOUR hours. He has one point of view that he recycles and doesn’t do his homework. He is planly boring — as well as an arrogant misogynist. Enough is enough.

  4. It would be great to get a real talented host like Stephanie Miller for that morning spot… Or a real journalist like Amy Goodman…

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