New Video From Kamala Harris Is Fueling Speculation She’ll Be Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Out of nowhere on Friday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) released a video on Twitter that has the political world speculating it might be a hint she’s on the very short list to be presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate.

In the video, Harris makes it clear that Donald Trump is the wrong man to lead the United States at such a critical time in our history, and the posting is headlined with this:

“Right now we need a president that speaks truth, embraces science, and lifts people up—Trump is incapable of any of that.”

Maybe the video means nothing other than a call by Sen. Harris to rally Democrats and make it clear that the current president is unfit for office. But that didn’t stop speculation that it might have been a sort of audition tape, with Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin posting this:

That led others to weigh in on the matter, too:

Whether or not Harris is Biden’s eventual choice, it’s safe to suggest that she’ll have a prominent role in a Biden administration.

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