Trump’s Lawsuits And Recounts Prove He Lost By An Even Larger Margin Than First Believed

It’s been 25 days since the 2020 election was held, and Donald Trump is still losing to Joe Biden by a massive margin. In the popular vote, Biden holds an enormous advantage of over 6 million ballots. He also leads where it matters most, the electoral vote, 306 to 232. But to hear Trump, his […]

Biden’s Treasury Secretary Nominee Could Soon Become Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare

On Monday, President-Elect Joe Biden began announcing his cabinet nominees, and it’s an impressive list that includes Tony Blinken as Secretary of State, Jake Sullivan as National Security Adviser, and Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security Secretary. When it comes to Secretary of the Treasury, Biden will reportedly name Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal […]

Trump Supporters Are At Each Other’s Throats Over Whether Or Not He Should Concede

There’s no joy in MAGA land these days, as faithful supporters of President Donald Trump face the cold reality that in a couple of months, their political savior will longer be in the White House and they’ll have to move on. But there’s one issue that Trump supporters vehemently disagree on: Should he concede and […]

Joe Biden Supremely Trolls Trump With ‘We Just Did’ Response To Red MAGA Hats

For four years, we’ve seen them at every Trump rally: The red MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) cap. The phrase was stolen from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign, which should come as no surprise since Donald Trump has never had an original thought in his entire life. But now President-elect Joe Biden has a hat of […]

Michele Bachmann Calls On God To ‘Smash The Delusion That Joe Biden Is’ President

You remember Michele Bachmann, don’t you? She’s the nutjob former member of Congress from the state of Minnesota who was fond of saying some of the dumbest things ever uttered by a sentient human being. Take, for example, this sampling of her greatest hits: ”[Pelosi] is committed to her global warming fanaticism to the point […]

Joe Biden Already Has A Plan To Overcome Mitch McConnell’s Obstruction Tactics

If Republicans do indeed retain control of the U.S. Senate (which we’ll know when runoff elections for two Senate seats in Georgia are completed in early January), Mitch McConnell (R;KY) will keep his title as majority leader, and there are already reports that he’ll try to obstruct President-elect Biden at every turn: “’Mitch McConnell will […]

Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Question Joe Biden’s Vote Total And It’s A Spectacular Self-Own

Donald Trump Jr. desperately tried to suggest on Friday that there was no way Joe Biden could have gotten as many votes as he did, but all he accomplished was humiliating himself in front of millions on Twitter. Specifically, Junior suggested that there must have been massive voter fraud because no one believed Biden could […]

These Six States Will Decide The 2020 Race For The White House

Tomorrow evening, as you sit and watch election returns, you’ll probably be wondering what states to keep an eye on for a sign of what to expect as the night develops. That way, you can focus on the those states instead of trying to keep up with all of the information that will be bombarding […]

The Trump Children Can Read The ‘Writing On The Wall’ And Are ‘Pancking’: REPORT

The sound you hear coming from the Trump family is one of desperation and fear, despite the happy smiles they put on as they’re on the stump trying to convince voters to give their father a second term in office even though he has been a massive failure on every issue that matters to Americans: […]

Trump Faithful Picket Attorney General Bill Barr’s House Because He Won’t ‘Indict’ Joe Biden

The MAGA faithful are getting worried. They can sense that Donald Trump may well lose the 2020 election, so they’re reaching for whatever  straw they can grasp in a desperate attempt to pull off a last-second Hail Mary play that will somehow tilt the presidential race back to their tangerine lord and savior. How desperate […]