Noted Conservative Says The GOP Is Headed For A ‘Blowout’ Loss Thanks To Trump

No matter where they turn, Republicans see dark and ominous clouds on the horizon. For example:

  • 68,000+ Americans are dead as result of the novel coronavirus
  • 30 million Americans are unemployed
  • The poll numbers for the head of the GOP, Donald Trump, continue to fall, as do the ones for Congressional Republicans

You’d think this would be the perfect time for the GOP to cut Trump loose in a last-ditch effort to save what’s left of their party. But they’re too busy being sycophants who kiss Trump’s ass no matter what he says or does.

But with the election now exactly six months away, many in the GOP are realizing that they’re permanently hitched to one of the most unpopular presidents in U.S. history who is likely going to cost them control of the House, Senate, and White House when the ballots are tabulated later this year.

Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, and she warns in a new op-ed that Republicans are on the verge of a “blowout” loss in the 2020 election, writing:

“There has been a considerable erosion in Trump’s support, making him look more vulnerable than at any time this year. One can cite a host of reasons why now, of all times, the dam, if not breaking, seems less impervious to current events than have past incidents: Over 60,000 Americans have died and the economy is in shambles. Trump’s constant presence and irrational, incoherent rants make him seem even less capable and sober. Biden has sewed up the nomination, and has found campaigning from his basement has its pluses. He can control access and his message, while allowing Trump to self-immolate.”

Even people who don’t plan to vote for Biden admit they don’t hate the man. But most people who say they won’t vote for Trump, when they’re totally honest, will tell you they loathe the man and everything he stands for. Hell, even some Republicans will even tell you that in private! Trump is as toxic as a politician can possibly be, and that isn’t exactly a quality you want to be known for when it’s time to ask for people’s votes.

Therein lies the existential crisis facing the GOP and conservatives in general: They want to back away from Trump, but they need his penchant for stirring up the Republican base if they’re going to have any chance of mitigating the losses they’re looking at in November.

Rubin notes that Trump will always be Trump. That’s the problem! He’s always going to be a polarizing asshole who is unable to reach across the aisle for votes:

“Even more damaging for Trump, he is unlikely to stop being Trump. He cannot give up his daily press fix (despite stories he was going to cut back), and we know he is not suddenly going to become the voice of reason and science. Trump will be Trump. And that’s the problem for him and Republicans. In a stunning failure of leadership and governance, Republicans have been entirely unable to comfort the country and provide confidence they have a path forward. They may finally have exhausted the voters’ patience.”

Trump will likely win much of the Deep South, but the rest of the country seems sick and tired of his antics. That signals a wave election that’s going to bring the GOP to its knees. It was bound to happen sooner or later. As is, it’s very likely to happen in exactly six months time.

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