Noted Historian: Election ‘Conspiracy’ Will Lead To Impeachment In The Spring (VIDEO)

As the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the 2016 election draws ever closer to the Oval Office, a historian who has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984 is now saying he expects Mueller will expose crimes that will “shock the nation” in the near future.

Allan Lichtmann, who teaches history at the American University said recently on MSNBC that the crimes Trump is suspected of having committee are much more serious than the articles of impeachment drawn up against Bill Clinton:

“There’s as strong a case of obstruction of justice as there was against Bill Clinton on a vastly more important matter than a blue dress.”

Professor Lichtmann also noted that Mueller will probably be able to prove a conspiracy involving Trump and Russia:

“It’s a conspiracy. I believe we have the tip of the iceberg of what the special counsel knows about the relationship between Trump and the Trump team and the Russians. There’s a fair chance that the reason they were covering up all of those calls from then to be national security adviser with the Russians was to cover up a possible quid pro quo, the Russians will help us and in turn we’ll ease those sanctions. Why else make those calls and why else lie about them?”

But it was what Lichtmann said next that should terrify Trump and those who may have been part of the larger conspiracy:

“I wouldn’t keep saying collusion isn’t a crime. Of course not, but taking things of value from foreign nationals is a crime, aiding and abetting illegal computer hacking is a crime, negotiating as a private citizen with a hostile foreign power with which there is disputes is a crime. If this is serious enough, and I’ve taken a lot of flak for that, I think there even could be charges of treason. After all, Russia was waging war against us — not a war with bombs and bullets, but a cyber attack, an online attack designed to destroy democracy.”

When Mueller presents his evidence, Lichtmann also said, the country will be shocked by the scope of the charges:

“I think Mueller — and this is my prediction — is going to come up with findings that are going to shock the country, not only involve conspiracy with Russia but could involve serious financial crimes.”

As for when all of this will happen, Lichtman is now predicting that impeachment will begin as soon as this spring. If he’s right — and he’s been right about so many other things — Trump’s remaining days in office are indeed numbered.

Here’s Professor Lichtmann on MSNBC:

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