Prosecutors In New York Believe Ivanka Trump Skimmed Millions From The 2016 Inaugural Fund

In 2019, prosecutors with the Southern District of New York (SDNY) opened up a new front in the investigation of criminal acts by the Trump 2016 campaign and the president himself, sending a sweeping subpoena to the Trump inaugural committee that includes charges of money laundering and fraud. The subpoena reads like something that would normally be served on a mafia boss.

But there was especially bad news in that subpoena for Ivanka Trump, who currently works as a White House adviser and is reportedly her daddy’s favorite child.

ProPublica has learned that one of the main points of interest for prosecutors is the rate charged by Trump properties that rented space for the inaugural:

“A spokesman confirmed that the nonprofit 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee paid the Trump International Hotel a rate of $175,000 per day for event space — in spite of internal objections at the time that the rate was far too high. If the committee is deemed by auditors or prosecutors to have paid an above-market rate, that could violate tax laws prohibiting self-dealing, according to experts.”

Who negotiated the contracts and set the rates with the inaugural committee? None other than Ivanka Trump, as ProPublica first reported back in December:

“During the planning, Ivanka Trump, the president-elect’s eldest daughter and a senior executive with the Trump Organization, was involved in negotiating the price the hotel charged the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee for venue rentals.”

That kind of inside dealing is also referred to as skimming.

Brett Kappel, an attorney at Akerman LLP who advises nonprofits, noted that it appears tax laws were violated by Ivanka Trump and others inside the inaugural committee:

“Tax law bars nonprofits such as the inaugural committee from insider deals that would unduly benefit people — in this case the Trump family — that have influence over the nonprofit, Kappel said. In legal parlance, these are known as excess benefit transactions. A key question would be whether the Trump hotel charged the inaugural committee above-market rates, which could violate tax rules, Kappel said. If an IRS audit found such a civil violation, the inaugural committee would have to pay taxes on the amount of money it overpaid.

“It could become a criminal violation, Kappel said, if investigators uncover evidence that people knew that charging above-market rates to enrich the Trump Organization was illegal and did it anyway.”

There are also reports that the attorneys general for both New York and Washington, D.C., are also looking at possible financial crimes committed by Ivanka as part of the 2016 inaugural.

It appears that Ivanka’s willingness to help her father engage in grifting on a massive scale now has her at the center of a scandal that could well lead to her being charged with tax violations and financial fraud.

No wonder Ivanka’s always been daddy’s favorite — She’s just as crooked as he is.

22 thoughts on “Prosecutors In New York Believe Ivanka Trump Skimmed Millions From The 2016 Inaugural Fund

  1. I hope she gets duly punished by law, I am sick and tired of people doing these illegal acts thinking their above the law. If this was just a plain American Citizen we would have the book thrown at us

  2. Come on… even I know that charging a non-profit above market prices is not only ILLEGAL but IMMORAL.

    There is no way in hell she didn’t know. I am sick to death of all the claims of ignorance. THESE RICH BLOOD SUCKERS ARE ANYTHING BUT IGNORANT.

    • Ignorant? They’re making millions off of us taxpayers….I’d say we’re the ignorant ones for even having him voted in office……just saying!!!

  3. I am tired of getting cheated. My taxes have gone up and up to cover the cost of the 75,000 wealthy americans not paying their fair share. Sick of it.

    • Exactly Craig, he also murdered Epstein because he was in on the abductions the night in question, trump was at his mansion.

    • When Ivanka skimmed the millions off the top, she said something about the hotel being “almost empty”. That’s why she put the money into the hotel. She knew it was wrong. I was surprised nobody put her in stainless bracelets before this. The entire family are grifters & cons. Ivanka will bat her eyes & get off.
      This was common knowledge. She did the crime on inauguration night. It was in the papers. They’ve been upfront about a few crimes. Amazing!

  4. Just for once I would like to see the law applied to the trump’s the same way it would apply to me and every other American. The trump family loots and plunders wherever they go and always get away with it. Even carrying this behavior into the White House. The are the biggest welfare cheats we have ever seen in America.

    • I totally agree even mow as I write Trumps golf course is being investigated for laundering money. They are rotten to the core time to charge them with criminal offenses. You have to make sure Roberts and co are not presiding over them,

      • Newspapers have claimed that djt actually showed his Dad how to cheat on his taxes. As a result of djt’s “brilliance” Daddy let him keep all the money he saved, figuring it was a win-win situation. The only ones who may be honest in that family is Tiffany & Barron; also the children. Hopefully. dump didn’t have anything to do with raising his kids, but they sure picked up grifting, lying & cheating quickly as adults. All con artists.

  5. That’s the same tactic Trump’s father used to pass along money to him without paying required taxes.

  6. All I want for Christmas is impeachment!

    The impeachment of this `Circus Freak in-Chief` wouldn’t just force him out of the Office of the Presidency, it would force his whole family out of the White House. And then they all could be prosecuted for every illegal activity, in particularly the violations of the Constitution, that these sick bastards are responsible for.

  7. The Trump family is a national disgrace. Vote out all republicans they are bad for hard working honest Americans-trump would sellout his mother for a buck. Republicans are just traitors. Boycott all republican owned businesses. TRUMP REPUBLICANS ARE REMINISCENT OF 1930’s GERMANS – THEY BELIEVE THE BEAUTIFUL LIES BUT IGNORE THE UGLY TRUTHS.

    • When she had her clothing business she was accused of copying other companies shoes claiming herself as the creator.

  8. American’s are sick and tired of the Trump administration getting away with crimes that the rest of America would go to prision for… Their Criminal and immoral and the longer he stays in office and him and his monkeys get away with Felonies… The louder it screams that the Popular opinion of America is NOT important and they are above the law… That the total government is enabling him and basically telling use they just don’t care about us… People in this country have to choose between high priced life saving medicine or food… Yet these criminal and immoral people get away with over spending for high priced hotel rooms and vacations… This is making Trump’s FAMILY LIFESTYLE great again while the rest of America being made worse…

    • She is also his favorite because she is female and he’d date her if she wasn’t his daughter. This has been happening over and over since he moved into the WH – he has been profiting from his position which I understand is illegal but no one is doing anything about it. Also – wasn’t this noticed at the time??? Someone had to pay it!!!

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