Right-Wing Nutjob Brigette Gabriel Says Trump Is ‘General Patton Reincarnated’

If one does indeed become infamous as a consequence of being famous, then Donald Trump is fast becoming infamous by the day. From dissing Mexicans to his remarks on women, and more recently with his announcement that he would bar all Muslims from immigrating to the United States, the Donald is running out of groups to alienate.

Yet despite the almost overwhelming criticism that has been heaped on Trump, there are some disturbed minds who think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, a modern-day political messiah who is unafraid to say offensive things as part of “making America great again.”

Not surprisingly, Brigitte Gabriel, the head of Act! for America is a huge Trump fan. She is also a virulent Islamophobe who promotes herself in the media by saying things that are meant to provoke the worst in people. And now she has spoken out on Trump, telling Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman yesterday:

“I was talking with a friend of mine this morning, and he said to me, ‘Trump is General Patton reincarnated. Trump is General Patton in a suit. General Patton, if he was alive today, he would be talking exactly like Trump, he would be doing exactly like Trump. This is the type of leaders we used to have which made America great, and what Trump is trying to do is make America great again. He is the General Patton of our lifetime.’ It was so interesting hearing those words, because you sit back and you think, Donald Trump, he has a way of saying words, but boy did he touch a nerve nationwide.”

She is, of course, referring to General George S. Patton, who was known to be fond of slapping or hitting his own soldiers if they complained of being shell-shocked or battle fatigued. He was very nearly booted out of the U.S. Army for those actions.

So Donald Trump is the new George S. Patton, is he? In other words, he is a blowhard piece of crap who thinks nothing of taking out his own insecurities and inadequacies on others he perceives as being less powerful.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

8 thoughts on “Right-Wing Nutjob Brigette Gabriel Says Trump Is ‘General Patton Reincarnated’

  1. General Patton was a legendary military Commander, one of the most successful of any war. He slapped two Soldiers because he believed they were malingerers, which was common at the time. Obviously no one understood PTSD at that time and many didn’t believe in battle fatigue. He led thousands of Soldiers and had to create a larger than life personality to lead effectively and get results. Of course, hitting the two soldiers was wrong and he paid the price for it, but I would expect only a few types of people to call him a blowhard piece of crap: someone that has no experience or knowledge of leadership (especially in combat), someone in a career that shelters them from the harsh realities of life, someone that doesn’t truly love America, or someone that doesn’t appreciate how much this man (among others) did to provide the freedoms we enjoy today. Of course, all of these may apply to the same person, which would be sad.

      • Wrong about Patton? No. Wrong about someone who would badmouth him? No. Your response tells me that, along with experience. In my opinion, you should spend more time discussing facts and policies (this is the place for political debate, right?) and less time talking trash about people, especially great Americans who helped provide your freedom. Oh, by the way, she is wrong, Trump is definitely not the General Patton of our lifetime, and it’s insulting to Patton to say so.

        • I served in the military, so I helped provide my own freedom. And had any officer slappped me (for any reason) I would have promptly decked him. As for your contention that I should be discussing facts more and spend less time trashing people, I would remind you this is my site and I can discuss anything I damn well wish to. Just because I don’t share your opinion does not mean you are right. Far frome it. As I said in my other response, you are wrong. You are still wrong. And attempting to honor a man who was a shitheel that misreated enlisted men tells me all I care to know about you. You want to see someone who should be honored? I would direct you to Omar Bradley, NOT Patton. I could also give a rat’s ass if I insulted Patton. He deserves to be insulted as often as possible.

          • I didn’t intend to insult you or your site. Discuss what you want, obviously. I was was just offering my opinion. I didn’t expect to hear that you served (which I respect) and am interested to hear about the details of how you helped provide freedom. Combat arms? Deployments? (I served too). Anyway, Patton contributed greatly to WWI and WWII and served for 36 years, I don’t think he should be condemned for slapping two Soldiers that may or may not have been malingering. I would expect anyone who served to appreciate those facts, rather than insult him “as often as possible.” You said, “Just because I don’t share your opinion doesn’t mean you are right.” Why do you say things like that? Of course, I don’t believe I am right because you don’t share my opinion, I believe I am right because of my experience, like I said. If you don’t believe me and say I am wrong, tell me why.

      • He isn’t wrong about Patton. Patton was also one of our greatest Generals, but he did put the e in eccentric.

  2. Had it been any of you slapped could you have still the same opinions…its seen condoning to bully is justifiable because you also serve so long…im sorry if ive offended anyone here but id like to hear how the slap could be interpreted as a discipline

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