Der Fuhrer Trump Gets The Hitler Treatment In Downtown Atlanta

Rarely have I been as proud of my hometown of Atlanta than I am right now.

Just a few days after Donald Trump announced that he thinks it would be a good policy for all Muslims to be barred from immigrating to the United States, some clever residents of Atlanta wheatposted this image on highway overpasses in the city:


The new additions to the city were posted in north Atlanta’s Lindbergh neighborhood sometime early Wednesday morning, police say.

As you can see, there is a cartoon of Herr Trump with an Adolf Hitler mustache and a bow tie made out of a $100 bill.

But alas, the postings were not allowed to remain.  Atlanta police officer Thomas Coxe said it took him about 30 minutes using a scraper to remove the images — a task that became increasingly difficult as they dried. According to Coxe, whoever made the postings could face jail time:

“If caught, they’ll be incarcerated for illegally posting in a public way.”

Oh come on! Just call it political advertising and let it stay. There’s nothing the least bit inaccurate about it.

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