Right Wingers Attack Obama For Terrorism Speech, Prove Their Own Ignorance

No sooner had President Obama ended his 13-minute Oval Office address on the topic of terrorism and the fight against ISIS than the right-wing lugnuts–including Donald Trump–began their assault on what the President had just said.

Even though the President directly said things right wingers have been calling for ever since Obama took office–we are at war with ISIS, we will defeat the terrorists, this is a perversion of the true message of Islam–he might just as well have stood at the podium, raised his middle finger at the camera, and walked away.

Here’s a sampling of what was posted on social media last night:


Even if the extremists on the far right and in the GOP had co-written the speech President Obama gave, they’d still be on Fox News five minutes later complaining. Their predictability is pathetic, and so are they.

h/t AddictingInfo and RawStory

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

One thought on “Right Wingers Attack Obama For Terrorism Speech, Prove Their Own Ignorance

  1. Hi Andrew just read your post in liberalamerica. Its nice to see a Christian leftist, it seems like most christians in media are right wing lunatics. Im rooting for you.

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