Scott Walker: Doing Away With Income Tax ‘Sounds Pretty Tempting’

If by chance Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker does indeed run for and win the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, his Democratic opponent will be licking his or her chops in preparation of using some of his more ludicrous statements against him.

Walker was in New Hampshire on Saturday, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd as he draws closer to making a formal announcement that he will run for President. And while he was there, he decided to prove just how ignorant he can be when it comes to how one funds the United States. Asked about eliminating the federal income tax, Walker mused:

“I haven’t proposed that, although it sounds pretty tempting right now. Particularly in this state, I’d love that.”

I personally think that any candidate who even toys with the idea of doing away with the income tax should immediately be laughed out of the room, forced to wear a dunce hat, and shuffled back to their home state.

Then Walker tried to backtrack when he came to realization of how absurd his first statement had been:

“Certainly I think lower rates, we’ve talked about that. We’ve looked at that. Should I get in this race, that’s something we’ll take on in that growth category out there. I think putting more money back in the hands of the hardworking taxpayers, which is your money to begin with, is a much better way to grow the economy than through government so-called stimulus, which has a much lower rate of return than it does if you and other job creators have that money out there.”

Aren’t Republicans always whining about the size of the deficit and the national debt? Doesn’t Walker realize that cutting taxes yet again would only increase the red ink on the federal register? I mean, I know this guy didn’t manage to graduate from college, but is he really that dense? Is that even possible?

Walker is leading in some recent polls. What this tells us about the GOP is something we already knew: They love to nominate candidates who think repeating the mistakes of the past will lead us to prosperity. But the more they do so, the more they become totally irrelevant as a national party.

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