Shades Of Nazi Germany: Trump Just Made His Supporters Pledge Allegiance To Him

For those of us who have been comparing the Donald Trump phenomenon to Nazi Germany, what happened today at a Trump rally in Florida looks an awful lot like what took place at the Nuremberg rallies in Berlin circa 1933 or so. At those, Hitler insisted that all Germans take a sacred pledge to him. Not to the nation, not to God, but to him and him alone.

In Florida today, Trump told the attendees to raise their right hands and pledge to vote for him. He then told them:

“Don’t forget you all raised your hand. You swore. Bad things happen if you don’t live up to what you just did.”

And even worse things happen if you make a pledge to a man who wants to lead this country off the cliff and into the abyss of hatred and intolerance.

Nuremberg 1933 and Florida 2016. More similar than you can possibly imagine.

Here’s the Video:

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