WATCH: CPAC Crowd Boos, Then Walks Out On Ted Cruz

The GOP civil war has now reached epic proportions, as witnessed at today’s CPAC conference, when Ted Cruz got up to speak and turned his rhetoric to full blast on the current Republican front-runner, Donald Trump.

But the crowd was not amused and began booing the Texas Senator, who was supposed to the darling of the far right wing of his party.

Even worse for a megalomaniac who thinks God has ordained him to be President, many in the audience began walking out on Teddy Boy, voting with their feet, as the old saying goes.

Here’s Cruz getting booed and watching as some start to leave:

Make no mistake, both Cruz and Trump are totally objectionable asshats who deserve to be sent to detention until they learn to dial back the hate from their public pronouncements. But the fact that a conservative crowd just rejected Cruz trying to take a few shots at Trump tells you all you need to know about the dysfunctional family known as the Republican Party.

Have fun, guys! As progressive, this is truly a joy to watch.


One thought on “WATCH: CPAC Crowd Boos, Then Walks Out On Ted Cruz

  1. Both of them stink to high heaven, and the divisiveness they cause should split the ticket in half, giving the win to the eventual Democratic Nominee………….

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