She’s Baaaack! Michele Bachmann Says President Obama Is ‘The Best Friend Of Terrorists’

When Michele Bachmann left Congress, I was hopeful that would provide all of us with a respite from her non-stop stupid pronouncements and predictions of gloom and doom. But apparently that was just wishful thinking.

Speaking on the program “News Talk Florida,” the ditzy Minnesota native is now predicting that President Obama’s actions on the world state are bringing about World War III. Specifically, Bachmann said the President is putting:

“Iran in the position where they would have the firepower to be able take out not only Israel, but they would have the firepower to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States with nuclear-tipped warheads. This virtually guarantees, in my opinion, a World War III.”

In her opinion. Hmm. Well, when you consider that this airhead has never been right about anything, then her opinion is worth about as much as a bag of warm dog poop.

Unfortunately for all of us, however, Ms. Bachmann wasn’t quite finished spreading her own version of reality, and she added:

“He has now guaranteed that Iran will have a nuclear weapon. The Obama doctrine has been to offer aid and comfort to our enemies while he has cut off our allies. Everything that he has done has been to lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad. He has furthered Islamic jihad across the world, and we’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Whereas the Bachmann doctrine is to bomb, bomb, bomb, and then bomb some more. That’s her solution to every problem the United States faces internationally. Since she won’t be the one that has to go and fight the wars she is so eager to declare, it’s easy for Bachmann to continually beat the drums for battle.

While she was at it, Bachmann decided she’d also call the President of the United States a traitor and collaborator with the enemy:

“(Obama) has been the best friend of terrorists” (and) “has aided and abetted the rise of — the goals of terrorists across the world.”

Oh, Michele. It must be delightful to be so ignorant and yet not even realize the extent of your incomprehension. Then you can live in your own little private universe where everything conforms to what you say it is.

As for World War III, there’s some consolation in that, too: When it happens, maybe then we will finally be rid of Michele Bachmann.

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