So Just How Much Do Republicans Lie? This Chart Tells The Story

To begin this debate, let us stipulate that all politicians lie. They do. Anyone who denies that is simply not living in reality and should seek professional help immediately.

That being said, it is also fair to say that Republicans lie much more often than Democrats do. Don’t believe me, then don’t just take my word for it.

In an op-ed she penned for the New York Times, Politifact fact-checker Angie Drobnic Holan determined that of the 2016 candidates who are seeking Democratic and GOP nominations–along with a few other GOP luminaries such as Dick Cheney–the Republicans do indeed lie more than Democrats. Much, much more!

Back to the 2016 candidates for President. Ben Carson is in the lead when it comes to saying the most things that are rated as “Mostly False.” He lies 84 percent of the time. Are we even sure Ben Carson is really his name?

Donald “Hamster Head” Trump shows up second, telling patented lies 76 percent of the time, even though it seems like it should be closer to 110 percent, don’t you think?

Ten points back at 66 percent is Teddy Boy Cruz. Come on, Ted, you’re obviously not trying hard enough!

Now let’s consider this fact: Of the top three liars, the same three are leading in the most recent polls. What does this tell us about the GOP primary electorate? That they are either dumb (hey, they do watch a lot of Fox News) or they enjoy being lied to the majority of the time. Either way, doesn’t say much in the way of good for the Grand Old Party.

Here’s the chart, and as you can see, the Republicans are indeed lying liars, telling a whole lotta lies:



So the next time a Republican tells you they want to speak plainly and honestly with you, keep in mind that isn’t exactly something they excel at. Also, their pants are very likely on fire.

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