CA Cop Will Not Be Charged For Bashing Woman In Face; He Was ‘Protecting’ Her

Back in July, a video went viral which showed a Los Angeles police officer–later identified as Daniel Andrew–viciously beating and nearly killing Marlene Pinnock. The video clearly showed Andrew pummeling Pinnock and her head bouncing off concrete as he assaulted her.

But on Friday, very quietly, with no fanfare, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office released a report stating that Officer Andrew acted within his rights and the law.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey states in the report:

“There is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the force he used was unreasonable or excessive.”

Wait a minute! Repeatedly punching someone in the face with their head being concussed against the highway isn’t unreasonable or excessive? In that case, why didn’t Officer Andrew just pull out his gun and shoot Ms. Pinnock? Would that have also been allowed?

Also in the statement, Lacey has the nerve to write:

“When looking at all of the evidence, and especially the medical reports and eyewitness accounts, it becomes exceedingly clear that the officer, who was alone and struggling with Ms. Pinnock precariously close to evening freeway traffic, acted within the law.”

You see, in the completely insane and ridiculous judicial system in America, cops are allowed to beat a person senseless in order to “protect” them, as Lacey also notes in her report, which reads like something even Orwell could not have imagined in his most fevered nightmares.

Pinnock’s attorney, Caree Harper, said she is outraged by the fact that Officer Andrew–who resigned shortly after the incident–will not be charged:

“I think Jackie Lacey’s cowardice decision not to prosecute Daniel Andrew is disgusting, completely disgusting. And she needs to be investigated.” 

Pinnock did receive a $1.5 million payout from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), of which Andrew was a member. But that is not enough, according to Community Activist Danny J. Bakewell, Sr. :

“This is unbelievable. No one who has seen the videotape needed a bias report to determine that the beating suffered by Ms. Pinnock was criminal, it was clearly a use of excessive force, it was damn near attempted murder. I am appalled and disappointed in the decision made by DA Lacey.”

Watch the Video–Should Officer Andrew Have Been Charged?

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