State Of Denial: Woman Claims Internet Proves The Newtown Shootings Never Happened

As hard as it is to imagine, there are actually some people in the world who are heartless enough to suggest that the 2012 shootings at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut, never really happened, and that the 28 people who perished — including 20 children — are alive and well.

One such person appeared at a meeting of the State of Connecticut’s Public Safety and Security Committee this week. Her name is Maureen Crowley, and she had the nerve to say that based on extensive research she had done via the Internet, she had come forward to “reject the lies.”

Crowley, in a rambling statement, declared:

“This is serious! This is a non-event that has turned the culture of the state of Connecticut and the culture of the United States of America upside down. Mental health vulturism. Drills in which 3rd-graders are forced to look down the barrel of a gun. Nanny state monitoring of Connecticut homeschooling, and even a president that wants to wage war on bullets.”

Should Ms. Crowley want to see a true instance of vulturism, she need look no further than the words she uttered in front of the people gathered at this public meeting.

After claiming the FBI did not mention the 28 deaths on its crime report, Crowley then said the shooter, Adam Lanza, could not have committed the crime because he only weighed 112 pounds and “neatly made his bed” the same morning. This led her to finally conclude:

“I reject the official narrative of Sandy Hook. I reject the lies.”

Which means Crowley is also rejecting the very real pain and loss felt by those whose loved ones perished on that fateful December morning. How dare this woman pour salt in the wounds of the parents who had the lights of their lives violently ripped away in a hail of bullets! Those precious, innocent souls will never have the chance to achieve their full potential, and this woman wants to pretend they never perished?! Shame on her!

I know we live in a culture that seems to thrive on conspiracy theories, but when those theories dishonor the memories of children and the teachers who worked to educate them, theory is transformed into the vile poison of hatred.

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