Stephen King Calls Out Gun Control Opponents: ‘Innocent Blood Will Continue To Flow’

Stephen King is best known for his novels and short stories–many of which have elements of fantasy and horror–but the author is now using his writing skills to chastise those who refuse to even consider sensible gun control legislation in America.

King wrote an essay shortly after the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2013 which left 26 dead, the majority  of them children. And now King has taken to Twitter to comment on the terrible deaths of nine churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, writing:

“Until responsible gun owners support responsible gun control laws, innocent blood will continue to flow. How many times must we see this?”

On Twitter, King also noted:

“(There are) too many closed minds on gun control. Worse, far too many PROUDLY closed minds. Meanwhile, the American shooting gallery remains open.”

The Maine-based author, who has approximately 750,000 followers on his Twitter page–Twitter.King–also used statistical evidence to back up his anger with those who oppose gun legislation:

“According to Bloomberg Business, gun deaths will exceed traffic fatalities in America this year. Can’t put a seatbelt on a semi-automatic. Assault weapons will remain readily available to crazy people until the powerful pro-gun forces in this country decide to do a similar turnaround.”

I could not possibly agree more with Stephen King. We must, as a nation, come to grips with our perverse fascination with guns, which are truly the modern day weapons of mass destruction. When a mentally ill person can get a semiautomatic weapon and march into a school or a church to play out some sick fantasy or right some imagined wrong, it has all gone too far.

We have to ask ourselves if we have the courage to change now instead of waiting for the next tragedy to occur.

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7 thoughts on “Stephen King Calls Out Gun Control Opponents: ‘Innocent Blood Will Continue To Flow’

  1. i think our forefathers were just straight up genius i mean they put our right to bear n keep arms for a reason to keep governerment in check well that what they were thinking in 1777 or was it 1778? not important !
    i mean ur looking at it All wrong the way to llessen the outrageous gun crimes like the thearther shootings n what happened at sandy hook could all have been avoided if Someone had there Own gun i think the way to reduce gun voilence in this country is Not less guns but More i mean the way I see it if Everyone was packing heat n the bad guys would think twice before taking that whores money that she earned on her back herself i mean that would be robber didn’t do Anything for that $ u did but i digress didn’t i ? n thats all i have to say on that subject well

  2. ok steven king i was a huge fan of ur books n movies look not Everyone can afford their Own securtiy hired guns to protect them now i’m just about as bummed out as u about columbine n what happened in firgouson missiriorri i mean you did see what those pope pope did to that young adult nope bad example he was up to know good but whats Next if they being the federal courts take away our n ur right as an americans i mean if i could id get like 4 or them one hand gun one shot gun ok so id get 2 of each a gloch n a semi atuomatic hand guns but i can’t do u know why ? want to? i’m a felon yeap i got convicted of a felony when i was like 18 or 19 yrs old so i think theres already Enough gun control in this country i mean if i can’t get a gun n i just have one non viloent felony on my record how do the crazys get guns i mean i think the feds just ough enforce the laws already on the books i mean when joe q usa goes to buy a gun don’t they need to run a background check on all acplants? well then why the hell not look our fore fathers thought it so Important to give the free citzens the Right i mean its just this little law called the 2nd ammendment of this the greatest counrty on this here or anyother planet that gives their free citzens the Right n they felt it so important that they made that a contutional ammendment 2nd only to our right of free speach so plain to me how taking guns away from free citzens really gonna put an end to gun violence in this country?

  3. ok stephen its Me Again patty jo dalrymple is ur mind Still so closed do u still not see how gun control only keeps me away from guns? i mean the crooks n would be killers can still get guns. don’t really see the point of ur oppesing the liberties that are Constutional ours for the taking but if Everyone was carrying guns then perhaps the shotter would have killed only 1 soul in that movie theater massacre i mean surely ur not so blind to agree on that matter i mean it oughtta be a law that All non felons should Carry guns i mean it oughtta be a law that states that all non violent free citizens carry a gun without need for a conciled carry linsce Either k so we just disagree on not who should be carring its in Our Constatution is our right to bear arms n i’m just saying if the only folks carrying a gun will be crimals is that what u n the government really want to just continue to arm the bad folks? i mean thats what its gonna come down to can’t u see that? well i won’t say i hope u see it my way but just don’t be so Closed minded steve later i mean next ull want to redefine gravity !

  4. so what if thugs are killing each other on the streets the way i see it is simple thats one less thug the tax payers will have to spend for the next i dunno his Life is not worth the money the tax payers have to pay for housing food guards etc etc. i don’t think there should be Any one serving a Life sentence in fact i think we should go back to hangings on the court house lawn b/c in my opion if their crime warnnets a life sentence then it warents death n still think those drug sentences are just entirely too long in my opion the only crime that calls to death the only answer is rape of a child n theres just no rehabilation for those freaks they can not get better not even if u cut their penis off that will only make them more creative in their sexual assults on kids babies REally i just don’t think theres nothing to be done but to exaquet them

  5. yeah so those are My thoughts on gun Control i can’t get my hands on a gun n i’m not physco nope just a felon so now i can’t vote Ever or legally own a gun thats the sorta folks u don’t want getting in there hands a weapon n if i had a gun i’d prolly just shot my damned self

  6. ok b ut don’t they (the states) Already do background checks on All gun applicates? here i thought that was pret much board meaning across the board meaning everyone who applys for a gun permit goes thru a background check i mean i’m a Felon n when i tried to register to vote a few years ago n i got a letter back telling me that id need send proff that i had completed my probation n everything that goes along with being a felon i had just recovered from a tbi n had totally forgotten about that whole episode crazy but its true i think in this country people ought to be required to carry arms i mean just think about all those lives that could be saved by more good guys carrying arms instead of just the thugs out there but i would put my gun somewhere close to me at all times n yes i may be just a lil paraniod but that does NOT mean crazy last i check insanity is repeating the same Actions only expecting different results go look it up or just talk to Anyone in the mental health department of most any crazy hospital later but yall just think long n hard b/4 u give up my right to carry guns n of course i don’t mean my 2nd ammendment rights b/c as i just typed like 45 seconds ago i have no rights in this country these days today its guns whats next ? no more free speach next month its coming u freaking idots if u let them take away a constutional right away from us the next freedom i mean it won’t stop at ur 2nd ammendment mark my words don’t say i didn’t try to warn u ! later dip shits

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