Study: Conservative States Rely Much More On Federal Aid

Republicans just love to blame every problem in the world on the federal government. Did you just crash your car? Must be them damn federally-funded highways. Can’t find a job? It’s all the fault of what they’re doing in Washington. House just got washed away by a hurricane? Gotta be Obama’s fault.

Yet, according to a new study and analysis released by the Tax Foundation, which is a nonpartisan group devoted solely to letting taxpayers where their tax dollars go, many of the most conservative states in the country are the ones receiving the most in federal funding.

If it wasn’t so ironic, it might actually be sad. As is, it’s just pathetic.

Here’s the bottom line: Five of the ten most conservative states in the country are considered to be in the top 10 (out of 50) that are the most reliant on the federal government. The numbers are calculated as a share of government revenue coming from the federal government.  Each state is then assigned a percentage (which you can see on the map below). This may  include things such as  Medicaid payments, education funding, infrastructure financing, grants, food stamps, etc.


Good old Mississippi is in first place, with Alabama and Louisiana close behind. Now there’s a point of pride!

And here is a map that shows exactly what states rely the most on federal assistance as part of their general revenue. It’s also incredibly enlightening for the right wingers to take a long look at:


So it would seem that the GOP and their rabidly anti-government minions are among the biggest hypocrites and deadbeats (a term they just love to use for those on assistance) in the United States. The Republicans delight in railing against all things that smack of “welfare,” but when it comes time to hand out the goodies, their states sure seem to be at the head of the line.

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