Tea Party Radio Host: Black Lawmakers Who Skip Bibi’s Speech ‘Should Be Hanging From A Noose’

Call me a naive optimist, but I like to think most people, deep down inside, are fundamentally good. Then I see someone like Tea Party radio host Andrea Shea King, and I’m no longer sure

On her radio show recently, King said she was outraged that some 50 Democratic members of Congress were planning to boycott today’s controversial speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She said she had devised a suitable punishment for those Democrats and they should:

“Pay with their jobs (and) pay with their lives.”

While she was spreading hate and division, King decided to open up her bag of nastiness, reach deep inside, and add:

“I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. What they are doing is they are putting their own interests above that of America, and to me that is criminal.”

But King said she was especially unhappy with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and she singled them out for her “hanging from a noose” punishment because:

“Their districts are all dumb clucks because these dumb clucks wouldn’t be electing these people if they knew better.”

I don’t know where Ms. King is from, and I don’t really care. I, however, was born and raised in the South, and know that the lynching of black people is one of the ugliest, most horrendous stains on our history, both in the South and across the United States. To even suggest that another person should be hanged with a noose simply because you disagree with them is nothing short of hate speech.

King revealed her true agenda when she said:

“How do people like this get to represent us in Congress? Because there are stupid people out there in those congressional districts who are so ignorant it’s dangerous….Stupid, stupid people. Our lives are on the line and all they can think of is skin color. All of us will turn black if we end up in a cage on fire.”

What is dangerous and destructive to the republic we live in, Ms. King, are hateful, racist people like you who think violence is the solution to every problem we have as a nation.

So as of right now, my optimism is still there, but it’s more than a little bit clouded by this ignorant woman’s words.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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