Ted Cruz Defends Donald Trump And His Comments On ‘Rapist’ Immigrants (Video)

All aboard the Crazy Train! And the latest passenger to join us on our 2016 GOP primary journey is the junior Senator from Texas, the Lone Star Asshat himself, Ted Cruz.

Cruz made some comments about Donald Trump earlier today on the Fox News show “Fox and Friends.” Cruz, when asked about Trump’s statement on immigrants from Mexico being “rapists” remarked:

“I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific, I think he’s brash, I think he speaks the truth. And I think NBC is engaging in political correctness that is silly and that is wrong.”

Excuse me, Joe McCarthy, Jr., but NBC was not being politically correct. They were, instead, getting as far away from a racist, xenophobic piece of rotten tripe as they can because they happen to subscribe to the corporate philosophy that says all people in America have value, which, I do believe, is exactly what Jesus taught. You remember Jesus, don’t you, Teddy Boy? He’s that guy you pretend to model your life around when it’s politically expedient for you to do so.

Cruz, however, was not quite finished planting a big wet kiss on Trump’s gold-plated rump, and added:

“He has a way of speaking that gets attention. And I credit him for focusing on an issue that needs to be focused on.”

I do believe Ted Cruz’s family came to the United States as immigrants, and yet Cruz has the audacity to agree with a hate-filled gas bag like Donald Trump? Now that’s a level of hypocrisy you don’t often get to see in the light of day, but with Cruz, all things are possible when it comes to the outrageous. Hey, kinda like Trump.

How did the Donald respond to Cruz’s kind words? Well, with a few of his own, which couldn’t help but be about as subtle as a slap with a two-by-four. He took time on Twitter to thank the Senator, which seems odd when you consider that just a couple of months ago when asked about Cruz, Trump said:

“He’s got a hurdle that nobody else seems to have at this moment. It’s a hurdle and somebody could certainly look at it very seriously. He was born in Canada. You’re supposed to be born in this country.”

Hey, Teddy Boy, care to revise your comments on Donald Trump?

Watch Ted Cruz Defend The Donald


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