Ted Cruz’s Dad Says Common Core And Diversity Are Destroying America

If you think Texas Senator Ted Cruz says some incredibly outrageous things, all you need do is listen to his father, Rafael, and you’ll quickly realize that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the Cruz family.

Speaking at a rally in South Carolina a couple of months ago, Papa Cruz compared the Common Core national education standards to “brainwashing” and said they reminded him of Nazi Germany. He even pulled the Hitler Card, which proves just how craven and without substance his argument is:

“In Nazi Germany, Hitler said, ‘Give me the children and I will rule the world.’ That’s what’s behind Common Core. It’s brainwashing of our children, it’s changing and destroying the foundations that have made America the greatest country on the face of the earth.”

Excuse me for saying so, but Mr. Cruz and his buddies on the far right in this country remind me a lot of more of historical fascists than anything that comes from the progressive side of the aisle in America.

Cruz then decided to bring out one of the favorite GOP tropes: American exceptionalism and how it’s supposedly on the wane these days. Common Core, he said:

“(Is)molding the minds to adopt a secular worldview which destroys American exceptionalism, which destroys the historical foundations of America, which destroys what has made America a unique place in the world.”

Are you as sick and tired of hearing about American exceptionalism as I am? Yes, this is a great country, but we have more than our share of faults, and to just ignore those in an attempt to pretend we are better than any other country is both naive and dangerous.

Next, Papa Cruz went on the attack against diversity in the United States, which he declared is “totally the opposite of what made America great.” And he finished with this flourish of barnyard droppings:

“Diversity is the opposite of the melting pot. It is just trying to divide everybody into a series of little groups that all become something else than Americans, that all are being portrayed as victims of an evil society, and as victims they have no choice but become dependent on almighty government.”

Had it not been for diversity and inclusion, I don’t believe the Cruz family would have been allowed to immigrate to this country from Cuba. Personally, I think he should count his blessings and be thankful for what he has.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

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