Ted Cruz’s Father Says LGBT Rights Will Lead To Football Teams Showering With Girls

In what may well turn out to be one of the most utterly ridiculous statements yet issued from the far right of the Republican Party, Rafael Cruz, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s father, is attempting to stir up fear with the assertion that LGBT nondiscrimination ordinances will lead to boys football teams deciding “that they want to shower with the girls.”

Speaking to a Baptist church in Edmond, Oklahoma, last week, Rafael Cruz, began his speech by asserting that the Supreme Court’s actions striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has led to horrible things in towns across America:

“In Houston, Texas, in the heart of the Bible Belt, that city has a lesbian for a mayor. Well, a few months ago that mayor and that city council passed an ordinance that if a man, today, feels like a woman, he has the right to walk into a women’s bathroom. And if a woman is in there and she complains, she can be sued for that man because she is violating his civil rights.”

Does anyone really care who happens to be in a public restroom with them? Personally, I just go in, do my business, wash my hands, and leave. I don’t make it a point of looking around and asking for identification from everyone else in the room. In Europe, many public accommodations are unisex, but they seem to manage just fine, thank you.

But wait, listen as Pastor Cruz (yep, he’s a minister, too) takes his flawed logic and jumps off into the abyss of complete idiocy:

“As a matter of fact, according to that ordinance, if the football team in the high school decides that they want to shower with the girls and the girls complain, they can be sued. This is an abomination!”

Not only that, but pretty soon cats and dogs will be cooperating with each other, mating, and spawning half-cat/half-dog hybrids that will attempt to rule the world! What will we call our new overlords? Cogs? Dats? Or simply “master?”

You know, I’ve heard some really stupid, unbelievable arguments against LGBT rights in recent months, but I think Rafael Cruz has now earned the award for Most Batshit Crazy Hater. I wait with bated breath to hear his next flurry of inanity.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.

38 thoughts on “Ted Cruz’s Father Says LGBT Rights Will Lead To Football Teams Showering With Girls

  1. I believe this man as well as his son have some serious mental issues, these people are dangerous because, we have to many people in America that are incapable of thinking and reasoning for themselves.

    • The Cruz guys are last of who should be talking. Ted is not a Natural Born Citizen and if he gets elected, he is no different than the current occupant of the White House. Mr. Cruz Sr. only became an American Citizen in 2005 so Ted is not eligible to run. They are trashing the U.S. Constitution as there has never been an amendment to change the requirement that a President or VP must have both parents that are citizens at time of birth.

      • Ted Cruz’s mother is an american born citizen and therefore, Ted Cruz is american. Only one parent needs to be born in an American state or territory.

        • So you mean, even if President Obama HAD been born in Kenya, he would still be a US Citizen and eligible to run for PRESIDENT because his mom was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN? REALLY?!?!?!?! You don’t say!!!!!

          • Yes that is true. Both of my children were born to Filipino mothers in The Philippines and both children are “natural born Americans” because I am American.

        • I can’t believe that for the last 7 years you didn’t realize that it didn’t matter where OBAMA was born he was eligible.Seriosly,you need to turn off FAUX PUFFERY ENTERTAINMENT NEWS and try thinking on your own./….

      • Dear idiot. Yes, idiot. Obama was born of an American mother, the same as McCain. So was Cruz. It makes no matter where a person is born if their mother is an American.
        Obama was NOT born in Kenya, he was born in Hawaii, for your information Hawaii is an American state in case you did not know that. Hey, Alaska is also a state, did you know that?
        Cruz had dual citizenship but gave it up; he’s just an American citizen now. A total ass,mind you but he is eligible to run as president.
        It makes NO DIFFERENCE where a person is born as long as one of their parents is an American citizen and the person does not keep his or her citizenship in another country.
        My children had dual citizenship with Canada, but I’m an American and my kids chose America.
        If you don’t like me calling you an idiot then stop talking like one.

        • Beverly, you are absolutely right. Ted Cruz, son of Cuban Americans, was born in Canada. His mother was born in the USA, just like Barack Hussein Obama. Therefore, even he was born in Kenya — he was born in Hawaii, he sould sto be eligible to be president. Just like Cruz is.

      • Except, Carol…. Our great president has had his birth certificate proven to be authentic… he is a citizen of the US…. that part of your argument is invalid. I do agree, Ted Cruz and now his father are showing some definate mental lapses. But for everyone who chooses to spew such hate, there will always be those who choose to listen and follow.

      • Constitution has NO SUCH REQUIREMENT. Only that kid be “natural born” American == i.e., born in the USA or its territories etc.

      • Yes, Obama mom was American so even if he had been born elsewhere, he was still a still an American. Y’know that some people don’t even know that Hawaii and Alaska are states? One moron to with whom I was talking was going to go to Hawaii and asked me where she could get a passport. WHY did she think she needed one? She did not know that it was a state. When she asked me when that happened, she hasn’t seen it on the news, I almost burst a gut laughing. I loved her look of surprise when I told her it took place in ’59. “Oh,” she said, I wasn’t born then.” Methinks I’ve got a burst intestine.

    • Carol there is no requirements in the Constitution that states both candidates parents must be citizens. This is why our country is doomed because so many people are clueless to the law. Please go take a law class so you can get informed.

      • Christians are the dumbest most hypocritical, so many are perverts who claim they are forgivgen for all their sins, disgusting.Cruz’s father abandoned the family so he could go screw around, then he is born again and now he is a crazy pastor who hates everyone.nice.

      • Much as I hate the thought of Cruz being POTUS, he IS a natural born American because his mother is American and even if Cruz had been born in North Korea or Outer Mongolia or Kenya he would still be eligible as are my 2 Fil/Am children born in The Philippines.

    • Yep, there are. If there weren’t, this would not be news and “Pastor” Cruz would be ranting on a street corner with a “The end is near” sign.

      • What kills me about the morons is that they think that a man will just walk into a ladies room as a man.

        The funnymentalists don’t understand that they have to go through a year or two to the point that they look like a woman. It takes a lot of time and anguish to get to what is know as the “real life” test. They have to totally change their wardrobe, lean how to walk and talk like a woman, etc.

        I talked with several of them when I was a crisis intervention/suicide prevention counselor. I know what they have to go through and it’s a pity that the world still doesn’t understand that someone just doesn’t get up in the morning and decide that they want to be a woman. Ditto for women going the other way.

        I’ve discovered that Christians are the most intolerant to them, many have been kicked out of their churches! They think it is a “sin” that they are deliberately saying that God made a mistake. Sigh…


        • Patricia,
          Please brush up on grammar, punctuation, spelling and the correct usage of you’re and your. The following statement has nothing to do with your preferred ideology. You are not an idiotic, your intellectual capacity falls lower than that. You’re a bloody imbecile! And a veritable waste of the resources required to maintain your existence. Please, crawl back under the stone from whence you came. A born again Atheist!

  2. As ridiculous as I think Ted Cruz, his father and anything that comes from either of their mouths are, I must take umbrage with one thing you said. You walk into a bathroom, use it and leave without noticing or caring who else is in it. Yes, Andrew, and you have that luxury because you’re a male. No need to be so glib.

  3. … OH! Poor little Ted was raised by a crazy nutjob. Father and son locked in a sad little abusive dance. It all makes sense now.

  4. In response to C. Coleman’s comment above: I don’t think the author’s statement about bathrooms is glib. I’m a woman and I feel the same way. No reason all people can’t share public bathrooms, as long are there are private stalls. I don’t understand why all bathrooms aren’t unisex. I do understand that some people (of both genders) feel uncomfortable about unisex bathrooms, but people often feel uncomfortable with what’s unfamiliar. When things change, their feelings change. People adapt.

    • Years ago I attended a Jimmy Buffet concert in suburban Cook County, IL with a busload of friends from downstate. After the long bus ride our first stop was the line at the restrooms. The line at the ladies was both long and slow. The evening was warm and since we had been singing about Margaritaville and imbibing freely of the national drink on the way up everybody’s call was urgent. The mens’ line, as was usual, moved more rapidly and when I made it to the urinal I glanced to the right toward an open stall. Seated there with her slacks around her ankles was a rather attractive woman looking back at me. I did not have time to be disconcerted. I did the urgently necessary and left the building. No one, not me and not her, had any interest in anything but relief.

  5. I am vacationing in Europe right now and yes, unisex bathrooms work just fine… As Americans, sometimes we can be sooo prude, it hurts.

    Here, women janitors will clean the bathrooms while in use. As I was waiting for my friend outside of one.. I heard a man exclaim as he exited ” When I exited the stall, there was a WOMAN there cleaning the sink!” — guess where he was from?

    Now, as to the subject of this article .. This man is a total butt. And as far as his son – Fruit never falls far from the tree….

    Can you tell ,is it the Tea Party or Taliban!

    Here are your clues:

    1) Anti-education.
    2) Opposed to women’s equality.
    3) Detest homosexuals.
    4) Support faith-based laws.
    5) Want to destroy an entire religions’ adherents.
    6) Mistrusting of foreign people.
    7) Intrude into sex lives.
    8) Support the death penalty.

    Trick question folks, this list applies to both.
    “We In the Tea Party want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit … We want to burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theater, and in the press. . .we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture as a result of liberal excess.
    Remain strong in your faith, as you were in former years. In this faith, in its close-knit unity our people to-day goes straight forward on its way and no power on earth will avail to stop it.”
    We will ,,,PRAY AWAY THE GAAYS
    We will pray Obama a one term president AND
    We will pray for the DEATHH of libruls everywhere
    .” reason why conditioning minor children into and superstitious/religious belief should be a felony. It is child abuse and destroys ability to think critically for life.
    Religion is the biggest mental illness that is left untreated in human existence.

  7. WHO CARES what this COMMUNIST has to say about ANYTHING which is happening in America today… or EVER for that matter!!
    This … MORON is FAR more IRRELEVANT than his son ever was or ever could be!
    He simply needs to sit down, SHUT HIS FACE, and let his SON be the family MORON!!

  8. Ok so not that I agree with him and I do not care for his offspring but if he did say this there is something that all of the comments I have read seem to be overlooking. I do not have a problem with public unisex bathrooms for adults, not so much when it comes to children and teenagers. That is different. BUT I the headline discusses showers… I do not think it is appropriate for unisex showers anywhere but in privacy of the immediate participanrs. Homes, hotel rooms etc., I am all about the option but schools and gyms he’ll no. Pooping or peeing is one thing, showering is a whole different matter. And the article was posted discussing showering so can people get back on topic?

    • I’m honestly surprised that unisex communal showers still exist anywhere, since as I remember it no kid ever entered Middle School being comfortable with the idea of showering in front of other people. We all grow up being taught that what is hidden under our bathing suits is for our eyes only unless we agree to let another person see it, then we hit sixth grade and have a gym teacher barking at us to quit hiding in the corner while we change and threatening us with detention if we don’t shower after class. Kids or adults, American’s are pretty uptight about their goings on in the bathroom. Aside from very young children who are still trying to figure out what all the different parts are and what they’re for, none of us are gung ho about the idea of being observed or observing others while taking care of our business. We don’t want to be seen any more than we want to see anybody else in a locker room or public restroom. Sure, some people get comfortable with it after putting themselves in the situation enough times, but most people avoid changing out in the open and certainly avoid showering in front of strangers. Someone who is comfortable baring it all while maintaining eye contact and carrying on a conversation isn’t likely to be bothered no matter who is watching and stripping down right next to them. Anybody who is worried about the other people in the room isn’t going to see anything they don’t want to because their eyes are going to be on the floor at all times, and they’re also probably going to be waiting for their turn to change in the private dressing area (or bathroom stall) and skipping the shower entirely. Teens are even more prudish than adults that way, the last place they’re going to get up close and personal with a person who has different parts than they do is in a locker room or bathroom full of their peers. No way is allowing transgendered men and women to use the restroom or shower of their choice going to force people to look at naughty bits they’d never see elsewhere- $5 shower curtains will be hung up and unisex bathrooms and shower stalls will be used in turns the same way the bathroom and shower in your house gets used when you have guests over that you aren’t comfortable getting naked in front of.

  9. Rafael’s reference was covered explicitly in the award-winning, classic
    porn movie ‘Debbie Does Dallas’. His memory is still sharp, though I’m
    not so sure about his common sense.

  10. Wow. Now that I see his face, he really does look like the guy in the photos with Lee Harvey Oswald!

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