Texas GOP Group Promotes Blog Stating, ‘Islam Is A Satanic Cult Of Murder’

The Travis County, Texas, GOP is in very hot water after tweeting out–and then deleting–the link to a virulently anti-Islamic blog post.

The county GOP group promoted the Conservative Daily News post stating that “Islam is a Satanic Cult of murder, not a ‘religion’” late Monday but then apparently deleted it by late Tuesday morning, reported the Texas Freedom Network.


The post was written by  blogger Bob Russell and also states:

“Christianity is a religion but Islam is merely a satanic cult of rape, torture, murder, bestiality, and satan worship!!!!!”

Later, Russell adds this commentary about Muslims, whom he refers to as “Moslems,”  which in Arabic means, “one who is evil and unjust”:

“Moslem men regularly rape male and female children, women, and animals and say it is their ‘right’ to do so. They also mutilate young girls in a perverse doctrine that women should not enjoy sex (enjoying sex is only the prerogative of men). Men also physically and sexually abuse their wives as a ‘right of manhood.’”

Russell also claims that the Catholic Church and American liberals are seeking to destroy the United States through the “importation” of Muslim immigrants.

As if that isn’t enough, Russell then finishes with this flourish of bile:

“Liberals in America stand with the Godless islamic cult against Christianity. Just look at how Christians are defiled in the USA; criticized, fined, and even jailed, for standing by their beliefs yet islamists are never treated this way. I wonder how long it will be until God destroys this nation (as He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah) for the cruelty to the innocent, Holy bible and its promotion of immorality and satan worship.”

So far the Travis County GOP has not commented on the tweet or their apparent support for Russell’s abhorrent views.

This article was originally published by the same author at LiberalAmerica.org.


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