The Ratings Are In And Trump’s Convention Is Losing BIG To The Democrats

Not only is President Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden in the polls, but it turns out that the first night of the Republican National Convention also drew almost three million fewer viewers than did the Democratic National Convention last Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times:

“The first night of the Republican National Convention averaged 15.9 million viewers on Monday, a sharp drop of 28% from 2016.

“The audience figure from Nielsen was also below the opening night of last week’s Democratic National Convention which averaged 18.7 million viewers over the three major English language broadcast networks and three leading cable news channels. The audience for the Democrats on the first night of their convention was also down about 28% from 2016.”

Just last week, The Daily Beast reported that Trump had been planning to counter a growing narrative that he is losing badly to Biden by at least besting him in the convention ratings:

“For his and the Republican Party’s four nights, the president has told those close to him that he is determined to beat Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, in one way in particular: TV ratings. Over the past week, Trump has requested updates on the television ratings for evening broadcasts of the Democratic National Convention, and has insisted that his event will crush their “pathetic” ratings.”

So far, however, Trump’s plans have come to naught, and looking at the scheduled speakers for Tuesday evening, things don’t look good for the president and the GOP tonight, either. Here’s what Republicans have coming to the stage this evening:

  • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Snore)
  • Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) (Even Rand’s family is likely to skip that)
  • First Lady Melania Trump (Is she planning to give her address in English? If so, we probably won’t be able to understand half of what she says)

Once again, we see that Donald Trump simply cannot measure up to anyone. He likes call Biden “sleepy Joe,” but it looks like his convention is one big snoozefest.

One thought on “The Ratings Are In And Trump’s Convention Is Losing BIG To The Democrats

  1. They will all do anything to win this election. I was appalled that trump could use immigrants, and giving out his awards. Where are those babies and children that he was so happy to leave in cages screaming for their mothers??? Where is the justice for American citizen Jamal Koshoggi? His abuse of Power When do the public see some justice for this one along… Crimes against humanity at the border? Where is all the stolen money gone? The opulence of the White House for this event sickened me. He is even using this now as a propl. Even using a Women of Justice with the creeping pence. The swift copy and paste of how Biden Campaign looked. Even a snot that was so rude to an old man and one of The original Native Americans Trying to seem he had something to offer as a role model. NO THANKS So this may be good stuff to his base. I feel the cold sweat of fear should this king of chaos get anymore time to stand with any power. He has been planning all along using many of the very words use by us all. Twisting them for his own benefit. Sick of this display of greedy ugliness. Putting Fear about Climatic Changes. Looking at his speaker Guileful, (Trump jnrs latest housekeeper) she was one of the uglies news anchor that had a great deal of hatred spouting on Fox when she crucified the Scott Pederson trial. She looked so ugly then and looks even worse now…. GOP or should I say Trumps party will only get worse and there shall be much suffering. Bring back the Native Americans to lead this country They know how it works with the Mother Earth and caring for their people

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