These 4 Photos Perfectly Sum Up The Truth Of Racism In The United States

Wednesday, September 7, Moise Morancy tweeted out a hashtag: #itdoesntmatter. Along with this hashtag, Morancy included four photos of himself. No words, no explanation, but the images speak perfectly to the issue of racism in the United States.

Morancy later said the first two photos are meant to show him as a “college graduate” and a “gang member.”

For the third photo Morancy put on a suit, and in the last one he is “a prisoner.” One thing you cannot help but notice in all of the pictures: There is a noose tied around Morancy’s neck which rests atop an American flag. In some of the photos, Morancy also has tears in his eyes or running down his face.

As Morancy noted in an interview:

“It doesn’t matter what your profession is. It doesn’t matter, you know, how much success you’ve obtained in America. When you’re an individual of a darker hue, life will be much [more] difficult for you.” 






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