Fox News Host: ‘Everyone Benefited’ From Putting More Blacks In Prison (Video)

Tucker Carlson, who sometimes hosts on Fox News, is, in my opinion, one of the biggest jackasses to ever roam the face of the planet. And he proved that yet again over the weekend.

Carlson, discussing the fact that Late Show host Stephen Colbert had been seen wearing a Black Lives Matter wristband, said Colbert was  “raising eyebrows” with choosing to wear the item. And he added:

“Was his show the right outlet for this message? I assume he doesn’t fully understand what Black Lives Matter is — maybe he does.”

I don’t know, Tucker. Is your show the right outlet for you to be a braying sack of teeming excrement? Maybe you don’t fully understand just how much of a moron you are.

Carlson then debated the issue with Ashley Bell, whose 20/20 group calls itself an “alternative” to Black Lives Matter. Carlson remarked:

“You’ve got to have police officers at the table, you’ve got to have prosecutors, criminal justice experts. Which is why the first thing 20/20 did is partner with the National Association of Black Police Officers so we can have a real discussion.”

Bell also said one of his goals is to better educate the 2016 presidential candidates on the need to reduce the sentences of non-violent offenders. To this, Carlson responded:

“Well, I think there is wide consensus that the Clinton administration went a little overboard in the sentencing, for sure. On the other hand, the crime rate went way down. And everyone benefited from that, particularly in black neighborhoods, which always have the highest crime rates. That was good for people who live in those neighborhoods and every neighborhood. So you kind of have to balance those two imperatives.”

Everyone benefitted but the people who were incarcerated for minor non-violent offenses, Tucker. But I guess you could care less about them because most of them were black and brown.

Then Carlson decided to use some false statistics to bolster his ridiculous point:

“The crime rate, again, is ticking up. It’s not one man’s imagination. The numbers are there. The murder rate, armed robbery, rape — those numbers are all up in major cities across the country.”

That is patently wrong. In fact, the FBI reported in 2014 that the violent crime rate in the United States dropped to its lowest level since 1978.

So Tucker Carlson, and Fox News, as usual, are engaging in willful ignorance. No wonder they have zero credibility among those with brains.

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