This ‘Anchor Babies’ TV Ad May Well Be The Most Offensive Thing You’ll Ever See (Video)

During the early stages of the 2016 campaign, there has been a great deal of talk about immigration. Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists, and even Jeb Bush, who is married to a Mexican woman, used the disgusting phrase “anchor babies” when referring to children born to illegal immigrants in the United States.

But I do believe the group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has taken the debate to an all-time low.

CAPS is running ads on national media outlets–one even aired on CNN during last night’s Democratic debate–that may well be the single most offensive advertisement ever conceived.

What makes the TV ad you see below even more disgusting is the simple fact that these are children we are talking about! Did any of us have a choice in where we were born? I was born in Georgia, but I could just as easily have been born in California, New York, or Virginia. For that matter, I could even have been born to Scots-Irish parents who had just come to the United States a day before my mother went into labor.

No matter where a child is born in this country, that child is a citizen. End of discussion! But if you believe the propaganda of groups such as CAPS or asshats like Donald Trump, the 14th Amendment does not apply to everyone.

I have said on several occasions that Donald Trump is a cancer on the American body politic. He appeals to the basest emotions of those who support him. And this ad is proof of what happens when you allow such a reckless ideologue free rein and lots of media attention.

Watch this ad and tell me: Is this who we want to be as Americans? Aren’t we better than this?

Watch the Ad for Yourself

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