Tone-Deaf Melania Gets Slammed For Tweeting ‘There’s No Need For Violence’ In Minneapolis

There are times when it’s wholly appropriate for a First Lady to speak out on issues that concern the nation. As a matter of fact, a presidential spouse can often reach a larger audience than a head of state, if only because they don’t speak as often.

But that isn’t the case with remarks First Lady Melania Trump made Friday on Twitter regarding the outpouring of rage on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, regarding the death of George Floyd, who was killed by a police officer who placed his knee on the victim’s throat for what we know now was almost nine minutes.

Mrs. Trump posted this on her Twitter account:

That’s all well and good, but keep in mind the tweet comes just a few hours after her husband suggested shooting looters in Minneapolis. The president made that statement on Twitter, too, and was so inflammatory that the social media platform hid it and placed restrictions on any retweeting of the post. Here’s a screenshot of Trump’s tweet, along with the notice Twitter placed on it:

Given that hateful tweet, Melania’s saying there’s “no reason for violence” rang incredibly hollow and tone-deaf for many, and they let her know it in no uncertain terms:

There’s no need for violence, Mrs. Trump? Wonder if you’d feel that way if someone you loved was pleading “I can’t breathe” and was slowly strangled to death by a cop. Pretty safe to bet you’d be outraged and calling for blood. So spare us your hypocrisy. Just sit down right over there and instead of “be best,” just “be quiet.”

One thought on “Tone-Deaf Melania Gets Slammed For Tweeting ‘There’s No Need For Violence’ In Minneapolis

  1. Mrs Trump doesn’t acknowledge the public these days just ignores the press corp usually. I have to wonder which thugs trump is referring too in his statement. Tired of this man inciting and igniting the flames of his threatening behavior as a leader of the so called fast becoming no longer FREE WORLD . Tired of the trump enterprise of threats and fear mongering. Also tired of those young wannbe slick chicks that parade out to the press these days with more trump chuckles.

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