Trump Assumes Harvard Student Is Korean, Again Proves His Own Bigotry

Do you ever wonder how someone as bereft of common sense and human decency as Donald Trump became so successful in the business world? The fact that he has is not exactly a ringing endorsement of the capitalist system.

Once again yesterday, Trump proved just how prejudiced he is when a Harvard student, Joseph Choe, decided to call Trump out for his statement that South Korea doesn’t “have to pay anything” for military support from the United States. Choe commented to Trump at a campaign event:

“I just want to get the facts straight and say that –”

But Trump, seeing the world through his filter of stereotypes, cut Choe off and asked:

“Are you from South Korea?”

How in the world is it the least bit relevant where Joseph Choe is from, Donald? Choe responded:

“I’m not. I was born in Texas, raised in Colorado. No matter where I’m from, I like to get my facts straight, and I wanted to tell you that that’s not true. South Korea paid $861 million.”

Oh no, not facts! Trump hates facts that don’t support his own view of the world. But instead of admitting that he had misspoken and made a mistake, Trump merely called the $861 million figure “peanuts,” and then he complained about US forces being stationed in not only South Korea, but Japan, and Germany.

$861 million is peanuts? If so, could I please have an extra large bag of those “peanuts?”

After the event, Choe said he traveled all the way to New Hampshire from Harvard just so he could confront the Donald and raise the issue of his lie on South Korea:

“I don’t care who you are, whether you’re the prime minister or Donald Trump, if you say something factually wrong or do something factually wrong, I’ll call you out on it. [Trump] makes all these, like, weird accusations, whether it’s toward Mexicans or women, or South Koreans; I just wanted to call him out on that.

And that’s what more people need to do, because can you imagine Trump in the White House taking a call from the Prime Minister of Japan? His first question would probably be: So, are you Japanese?

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