WTF?! GOP Lawmaker Wants To Force Planned Parenthood To Build Memorial To Aborted Fetuses

Missouri GOP State Representative Rick Brattin already has what he thinks is a great idea for a piece of legislation he plans to introduce when the state legislature convenes for their next session: The bill he has written would require Planned Parenthood to build a memorial dedicated to…aborted fetuses.

WTF?! A memorial for people who were never even born? Is it just me, or do Republicans always seem to introduce the flat out most ridiculous legislation imaginable?

According to Brattin since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973:

“56 million babies…have been lost in the abortion service and industry. I think maybe requiring that Planned Parenthood set up some type of memorial, like a Vietnam Wall type. I know that sounds crazy, but by state law (fetuses are) given human status, so should there be a human memorial attached to that human life?”

Oh, it doesn’t just sound crazy, Mr. Brattin. You are underestimating just how batshit, off the farm, jump the shark, go running through downtown with no clothes crazy the idea truly is. And do you really think those who were never born deserve the same honor as the men and women who gave their lives in Vietnam? No, don’t answer that, because I’m quite sure your response would only further enrage me.

Brattin made his inane comments during a House committee hearing this week, and, for some reason, his fellow legislators didn’t tell him to leave the room and not come back until he was no longer under the influence of PCP. Matter of fact, some of them even discussed tightening restrictions on abortion providers in Missouri.

Here’s an interesting fact about a woman’s right to choose in the Show-Me state: There’s only one abortion clinic left in the entire state of Missouri. Yet despite that, over the past several sessions, legislators have proposed at least a dozen different laws to further regulate the lone Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis.

As Hillary Clinton said the Tuesday evening at the Democratic debate, the GOP loves to prattle on endlessly about how they are opposed to “big government,” until you get to a woman’s womb. Then they’re only too happy to stick their noses where they don’t belong.

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