Trump Attorneys Tried To Use ‘Hearsay Evidence Written On A Sticky Note’ To Prove Voter Fraud

Admit it: When you first heard that Rudy Giuliani was leading the legal fight for President Donald Trump in challenging the 2020 election returns, you pretty much knew those complaints were going to be kicked out of court with extreme prejudice.

So far, Trump’s legal team has claimed there were “election irregularities” in five states, and they’re batting a perfect 0 for 5, according to the Washington Post:

“In the lawsuits themselves, even Trump’s campaign and allies do not allege widespread fraud or an election-changing conspiracy.

“Instead, GOP groups have largely focused on smaller-bore complaints in an effort to delay the counting of ballots or claims that would affect a small fraction of votes, at best.

“And, even then, they have largely lost in court.

“The reason: Judges have said the Republicans did not provide evidence to back up their assertions — just speculation, rumors or hearsay. Or in one case, hearsay written on a sticky note.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Some of the so-called “evidence” consisted of a Post-It note submitted to the court in a Michigan case:

“In another suit, Trump’s presidential campaign asked a judge to stop all processing of absentee ballots in Michigan.

“In that case, a Republican election observer said she’d been given a sticky note by an unnamed poll worker, alleging that late-arriving ballots were being counted improperly. But she couldn’t provide the poll worker’s name or any other proof.

“A judge rejected that, saying that the GOP’s evidence was inadmissible as hearsay. The judge also said that — because Trump’s campaign had waited until late afternoon on Wednesday to file — its suit was moot.”

And then there was a lawsuit filed by the Trump legal team in Georgia alleging that a poll worker “might have seen” late-arriving ballots being mingled with those that had arrived on time. The problem was that the allegation only dealt with a few ballots in one county, not enough votes to change the outcome in the state:

“A Georgia judge dismissed Trump’s suit in one day, writing that there was ‘no evidence’ the county elections board had failed to comply with the law.”

As we’ve long suspected, Rudy Giuliani and the other attorneys Trump employs are just as incompetent as he is. They deserve each other.

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