Trump Is Reportedly ‘Triggered’ By Kamala Harris’ Repeated Calls To ‘Lock Him Up’

We all remember during the 2016 Republican National Convention how Donald Trump and his surrogates repeatedly changed “lock her up” whenever the name of Hillary Clinton was mentioned. Trump seemed to take great delight when the delegates would repeat the words en masse.

But now that chant has come back to haunt him, and he’s reportedly deeply “triggered” by remarks from Kamala Harris that she believes Trump should be investigated, indicted, and prosecuted for the crimes he’s committed while in office, according to The Daily Beast:

“According to two individuals who spoke to the president earlier this summer about Harris, Trump made a point of trashing the senator for saying last year that based on the Mueller Report findings, under the next Democratic administration the Department of Justice would have ‘no choice’ but to pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump. ‘I’ve seen prosecution of cases based on much less evidence,’ Harris, who was announced this week as presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s VP picktold NPR.”

Since Harris was named as Joe Biden’s running mate, the president has called her “nasty,” which is more than a tad bit ironic coming from a man who once said that Fox host Megyn Kelly had “blood coming from her…whatever” and has insisted that NFL players who dare to kneel during the national anthem are “son of a bitches” who deserve to be fired and permanently banned from professional sports.

The vitriol Trump feels towards Harris, however, is tied to his fears that the minute he leaves office he will be bombarded with indictments and prosecutions for crimes that range from tax fraud to rape. That’s what’s got him most worked up when Harris is mentioned in his presence, even though he’s told staffers that he doesn’t think Harris would actually want to see him behind bars:

“One of the sources said the president recently mocked Harris for making a big deal about the DOJ potentially prosecuting him after he leaves office, saying she wanted to play ‘tough.’ Trump, this source recounted, said he thought she was just ‘bluffing’ and that she and other Democrats are just craving another ‘witch hunt.'”

But perhaps the more telling fact buried beneath Trump’s visceral anger at Harris can be found by considering that if the president didn’t think he’d committed any crimes, he wouldn’t be so anxious when someone chants “lock him up’ in his direction. That alone is a form of self-indictment that Donald Trump can never hope to escape.

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