Trump Rally Turns Violent–Supporter Spits In Protester’s Face (Video)

Donald Trump may be riding high in the polls, and his campaign slogan may well be “Make America Great Again,” but it would be far more appropriate if he changed it to, “Make America Hate Again.”

If we needed any further proof of this, it was provided by Trump supporters at a campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday.

Trump was speaking, but things got more than a little testy when the Donald brought up his favorite topic of immigration and repeated his claim that he will build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

A group of protesters began to chant, which led the Trump supporters to chant even louder.

As the protesters were being removed from the room, one of the Trump supporters spat in the face of a protester, and from that point things escalated.

A CNN reporter was at the rally and posted this video to Twitter:

Someone who was at the rally then tweeted out this video of the protester being spit on by a Trump supporter:

As I have said in previous articles on Donald Trump, he brings out the worst in people, not the best. He polarizes the electorate in a way that no candidate since George Wallace has. He is a boorish, pushy, controlling human being who divides people into warring camps. And it’s time we recognized him as the cancer he is and called him out for it.

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