Trump Warns Of ‘Ultimate Trojan Horse’: Syrian Refugees Could Result In Military Coup

While it’s certainly tempting to dismiss Donald Trump’s candidacy for the GOP nomination as a vanity project, what he told Fox News on Saturday should, in my opinion, prove once and for all that this guy is simply too irrational to ever hold any office whatsoever.

The Donald thinks that if we allow any Syrian refugees to enter the United States, it could result in being “one of the great military coups of all time.” As he told Fox’s Eric Bolling:

“This could be one of the great military coups of all time if they send them to our country — young, strong people and they turn out to be ISIS, Now, probably that won’t happen, but some of them definitely in my opinion will be ISIS.”

Just like most of the Mexican immigrants are drug dealers and rapists, huh Donald? Remember making that patently ignorant assertion?

But Trump was far from finished proving the depth of his complete ignorance, adding:

“This could be the ultimate Trojan horse. This one could be written about for a long time. They probably think, ‘This is going to be easy. We will send all these ISIS people.’ So a big percentage could be them.”

The Republican frontrunner also said the Obama Administration wants to allow 200,000 Syrian refugees in the United States even though the exact number has yet to be specified by the government:

“Obama wants to — listen to this — he wants to take in 200,000. You know, 200,000. That’s like an army. Now I’m looking the other day. It’s all men. Like, where are the women? They’re very strong men. Why aren’t they back there fighting for their country?”

All of them are men? What footage has this asshat been looking at? I have seen lots of women and girls who are fleeing the horrible war in Syria. And they are under attack from both the Syrian regime and ISIS.

But expecting Donald Trump to know what in the hell he’s talking about is a bit like trying to train cats to march in perfect military formation.

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