Kellyanne Conway FREAKS OUT When ‘Today’ Hosts Ask About Trump’s Tweets (VIDEO)

Donald Trump loves Twitter. He says he uses it because it allows him to get his message directly to the American people: “I can do messages around the media and get my word out, the way I mean my word. I don’t have to have the media distort my message, because they go out of their […]

Delusional Lewandowski Says Obama Bugged Sessions’ Office, Too! (VIDEO)

Apparently the strategy being employed by Donald Trump and his brainless minions regarding his vapid assertion that President Obama bugged Trump Tower goes something like this: When in doubt or a deep hole, dig some more. Former Trump campaign manager and full-time asshole Corey Lewandowski went on the Fox News Show Justice with Judge Jeanine and decided […]

Kellyanne Conway: If You Criticize Trump, Expect To Face ‘Consequences’ (VIDEO)

Republicans love to talk about having “respect for the Constitution,” but what they really mean is they respect certain parts of the document which governs the country and ignore anything they disagree with. They love the Second Amendment and think everyone should tote a semiautomatic weapon around, but should you choose to disagree with one […]

Gingrich: Joe McCarthy Was Right; We Need A New House Un-American Activities Committee

As we all suspected, the real goal of Donald Trump and his closest cronies is to return this country to the 1950s, when African-Americans and other minorities were subservient, women did as they were told, and white male Christians ran everything. Back in June, on Fox and Friends, Newt Gingrich, whose name is being mentioned […]

WATCH Wolf Blitzer Nail Rudy Giuliani For Lying About His Connection To FBI Leaks

In what may go down as 10 of the most interesting and excruciating minutes in television history, CNN host Wolf Blitzer caught former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani lying about his statements on what he knew and when he knew it in regard to the recent leaks of FBI information on Hillary Clinton. Giulini […]

Jan Brewer On The Importance Of The Hispanic Vote: ‘They Don’t Vote’

How completely out of touch are Republicans when it comes to the issue of Hispanics in America? Well, consider what former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer told the Boston Globe when asked about whether or not the Latino vote could be one of the deciding factors both in Arizona and nationally. Could that turn 2016 election in […]

Homeland Security Chief Makes Ted Cruz Look Like An Utter Fool At Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

Yesterday at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, we were reminded exactly why Texas Senator Ted Cruz was such a miserable failure in his bid for the 2016 GOP nomination: Because he’s a complete moron and right-wing nutjob. While Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was testifying before the committee, Cruz kept asking why the […]

Mr. Nugent, Meet Mr. Karma: Teddy Is Forced To Reduce Ticket Prices From $67 To $5!

Question: Just how washed up and unpopular is Ted Nugent? Answer: A concert event in New Hampshire where he was the headline act had to reduce ticket prices from $67 to $5, and yet they still had trouble getting anyone to fork over five bucks. The event, billed as “Laconiafest,” was held Friday night, and […]

Ted Nugent: Guns Are Better Than Women–‘Guns Function Normally Every Day Of The Month’

Take a look at who’s back in the news: Our favorite douchebag NRA board member and washed-up former rock star, Ted Nugent. Guess old Ted wasn’t getting enough attention and felt slighted by the fact that his BFF Sarah Palin is managing to get more ink than him, so he had to go pull out […]

This New Texas GOP Chairman Has A Bizarre, X-Rated Twitter Feed You MUST SEE!

Just when you thought Texas could not possibly get any stranger, anymore batshit crazy, the new chairman of Travis County, Texas (Austin) GOP comes along and rewrites all the rules when it comes to downright bizarre stuff. While we may like to think that people in such positions are expected to be upright, decent human beings […]