Trump’s Comments About Second Place Being For Losers Come Back To Bite Him

Donald Trump just loves to talk about what an amazing person and businessman he is. To hear him tell it, he wins at everything, and those he beats are branded as “losers.” See, the way Trump views the world through the lens of his inflated ego, if you don’t win, if you come in second, you lose, and losing is for losers.

So allow me to introduce you to the LOSER of the 2016 Iowa GOP caucus, Donald James Trump.

Yep, Trump lost to Ted Cruz, whom he just loves to needle for not even being an American citizen and qualified to seek the White House, but Cruz the “anchor baby” beat the Donald by some 6,000 votes last night. How does this reflect on Trump? Let’s take a look at a favorite line of his in order to provide a suitable epitaph for the Trump campaign in the Hawkeye State. On more than one instance, Trump has tweeted out this:

That one is from 2013, and here we have one from a year later:

Interesting philosophy of life, don’t you think? And should we choose to judge Trump with his own words, then it would appear no one is going to remember Donald Trump for much longer. Sure, we’ll all recall his rampant racism and xenophobia, his bullying tactics, and that dead hamster on top of his head, but his run for the GOP nomination took a very serious hit last night.

Trump lost in Iowa. He will lose again in the very near future in other primaries. And he will also very likely not even finish second. So I hope he can get used to seeing his name appear thusly:


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