Trump’s Repeated Attacks On Voting By Mail Are Hurting Him In A State He Can’t Afford To Lose

In what may well wind up being one of the greatest examples of irony in recent memory, it turns out that Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on absentee balloting have caused a massive differential in a state he desperately needs if he hopes to be reelected for a second term.

According to Politico, the gap in the key battleground state of Florida — which has 29 electoral votes — is enormous. 302,000 more Democrats have requested mail-in ballots for the November general election than Republicans, and that could spell big trouble for both Trump and the Sunshine State’s GOP:

“Five months before Election Day, more than 1.46 million Democrats have signed up to vote by mail compared to 1.16 million Republicans, according to an analysis of state Division of Election data released Friday. By comparison, in 2016, Democrats held an advantage of about 8,800 in vote-by-mail enrollment.”

One of the main reasons Democrats hold such a commanding lead when it comes to absentee ballot requests is a concerted effort by the state’s Democratic Party, which has been encouraging voters to file formal requests for a mail ballot, especially since the novel coronavirus is once again proving that it will likely be an issue in the 2020 election.

Republicans, on the other hand, have apparently followed Trump’s lead and are refusing to vote by mail, even though they have every right to, Politico notes:

“Trump has demonized this type of voting so much that Republicans, who once dominated mail-in ballots, are souring on it.”

The gigantic differential between the two parties in Florida when it comes to mail voting means the Republicans will have to try and get a enormous in-person turnout on Election Day, Juan Peñalosa, executive director for the Florida Democratic Party, predicted:

“They’re going to have to turn out more people — maybe 300,000 more voters — on Election Day. They haven’t had to turn out that many more voters in one day in more than a decade that I’ve been in Florida.”

Recently, the president went on yet another Twitter rant regarding the subject of absentee ballots:

Those tweets, among with others Trump has used to attack mail-in ballots, may wind up costing him the election, which, if nothing else, would prove that Donald Trump is indeed his own worst enemy.

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