Trump’s Scheme To Hide The Mueller Report Gets Torpedoed (Details)

Donald Trump thought he had it all figured out. He’d appoint William Barr as his new attorney general and the Mueller report would never see the light of day. Trump probably though the whole scheme was freaking brilliant. But as usual with our dotard chief executive, it fell apart in less than 24 hours.

With reports suggesting the Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to complete his report and give it to the Justice Department, where the newly confirmed AG could hide it under claims of national security and executive privilege, it must have seemed to some like Trump had outmaneuvered his accusers.

However, two key Democrats made it clear recently that any effort to keep the Mueller report under wraps will immediately be met with subpoenas, which Congress has standing to seek since taxpayer dollars paid for the special counsel’s investigation.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) had this to say on CNN:

“(Barr) has to make a decision — is he going to be the people’s lawyer or is he going to be the President’s lawyer?

“There’ll be subpoenas from Congress, including … from the Senate Judiciary Committee. A Senate or House Committee may subpoena anyone.”

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, also raised the issue of subpoenas, saying that if Barr decides to go that route, he will be fought on every level, including a subpoena for Mueller to come and recite the report to his committee:

“It seems like possibly Barr has put an end to the Russia investigation, and I think Barr was sought out by Trump, probably with the Federalist [Society], to find somebody who would do his bidding.”

Trump thought he could place a toady in charge of the DOJ and get away with his many crimes. However, he didn’t see all the angles (as usual), and also didn’t take into consideration that if he tries to kill the Mueller report, it will only complicate matters for him.

The traitor in the Oval Office thinks he’s the greatest strategist and deal-maker in the world. But he’s just a senile old man who’s been outfoxed by Mueller and Congressional Democrats.

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